Ending Gender-Based Violence in Ethiopia

Discover the inspiring work of I Care for the Nation CarePoint in our conversation with founder Ayneabeba “Ayni” Maru. Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the CarePoint focuses on sustainable development, providing holistic care and job training to vulnerable women and children. Ayni discusses their advocacy efforts in policymaking, promoting emotional well-being, and their overarching goal to end gender-based violence and poverty through girls’ education. Join us for this insightful 30-minute conversation filled with inspiring concepts and real stories!

“The most significant impact we’ve seen is the emotional well-being of women and children. By helping them feel safe and supported, we empower them to plan for a brighter future. This newfound confidence allows them to overcome obstacles and improve their quality of life. We have numerous success stories that showcase the positive change we bring to the community, documented in partnership with HopeChest. 

Don’t miss this episode where we discuss I Care for the Nation’s ambitious goals: eliminating gender-based violence (GBV) and poverty in Ethiopia. To achieve this, they’re launching “Let My Sister Learn,” a nationwide initiative advocating for girls’ education. According to Ayni, “Educated women play a vital role in peace building and poverty reduction!”

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