Eswatini's music ministry leader poses with a friend in front of a bush

Build Relationships. Break Poverty. | How Music is Unlocking the Potential of Children Living in Poverty: Interview with Londiwe Dlamini

Do you remember the songs that have transformed your life? The songs that have met you on dark days and carried you to brighter seasons? Music’s power to heal and encourage is universal, but today Londiwe Dlamini is sharing stories of music empowering youth in Eswatini.

Londiwe is the Music Ministry Leader and spends her time mentoring the most vulnerable children in Eswatini’s CarePoint communities. Part of her work includes discovering and unlocking children’s potential and helping them to translate that potential from music to other aspects of their lives.

Londiwe leads from a place of understanding. In this month’s episode, she shares how discovering her voice in the midst of a difficult childhood transformed her life. It’s impossible to miss her passion for her work, and this episode is FULL of stories of hope.


“When we grow up in our communities, nobody tells us that we’re good. That we can do it. But under the Music Ministry they get to hear that they’ve got something. They can do it. They’re good enough.” Londiwe Dlamini




Dana Owens has worked with Children’s HopeChest as Copy and Content Manager since early 2017. She manages HopeChest’s external communication, including the HopeChest blog, podcast, and social media. With a deep-rooted love for stories and language, her favorite part of her position at HopeChest is creating narrative structure and elevating the voices of our partners, overseas staff, and the children who attend HopeChest CarePoints. 



Londiwe Dlamini is the Music Ministry Leader in Eswatini.  As Music Ministry Leader, she mentors the most vulnerable children in HopeChest CarePoint communities, encouraging them to work toward their ambitions inside – and outside – of the music program. She also organizes the yearly choir competition, in which choirs from CarePoints across Eswatini come together and compete. The children she mentors are realizing their vast potential and are experiencing a hunger for what they can achieve in life.



“Build Relationships. Break Poverty.” is a podcast that challenges the Western perception of international poverty by elevating the voices of local leaders and processing how we can help to alleviate poverty without harming those living in vulnerable communities.



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