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Five “Thank You’s” from Around the World!

Thanksgiving is in two days and we want to share what we are most thankful for…




It is compassionate and generous people like you who make HopeChest’s stories of transformation possible. You have joined us in advocating for those who need hope most, and your impact is felt around the world. The “cycle of poverty” is called just that, because – like running in a circle – that is how it can feel for those who work hard for a better life but are caught in a loop due to external, root causes of poverty. Generous HopeChest supporters help to break that cycle and provide opportunities for individuals to unlock their potential. 

To celebrate how thankful we are for those who give selflessly of their resources because they believe in HopeChest’s mission, today we are sharing five “Thank you’s” from around the world!



1. “Thank you” from a CarePoint Shepherd in Eswatini who is seeing community members empowered with business opportunities.

“We want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to the organization for empowering one of our community members (Mr. Dlamini) by providing a business opportunity. It was not easy when he started, but as time went he became so confident in doing it and he has a lot of customers who support him in buying the chickens. Now he is able to maintain the rotation of the chickens, meaning he is able to meet his customers’ needs, and we are looking forward to this coming December whereby meat is going to be in demand because people want meat for Christmas.” Lindo, CarePoint Shepherd 

Mr. Dlamini, the community member who started the chicken project, is creating new cycles of hope. He gave 10 percent of his profit to the CarePoint from every harvest.


2. “Thank you” from a student in Uganda who experienced neglect, but is now seen and feels a sense of belonging.

Christine* is a girl who lost her mother, and lived with her father and two brothers. In this home she was not cared for and was usually completely left alone. She expressed to CarePoint staff her feelings of neglect and despair at not being seen or cared for by her family members. After CarePoint staff talked with her father, they all agreed that it would be best for Christine to leave the home and join a boarding school where she can be cared for and feel a sense of belonging. Christine shared that she feels like she is part of a new family in the boarding school, and she is happy and has the energy to work hard in her classes. 

“I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. THANK YOU so much for the good things you have done for me, which I am benefiting from. Now I am surviving and thriving! You are giving me good food which makes my body healthy and to function well. I am now getting quality education from a good boarding school where I just completed my primary level, medical care from the hospital, and livelihood skills. May the spirit of God be upon all of you for giving me a dignified and fulfilled life. May God bless you.” Christine 


3. “Thank you” from a future doctor in Ethiopia who has the opportunity to begin kindergarten.

child standing for a portrait

What would your dreams for your future look like if your family could not afford to buy daily meals, or even clothes? For Kalkidan, even though both of her parents worked long, hard hours, thinking about going to school was a far off dream because of all the other critical needs that were hard to afford for her and her four siblings. In 2015 she started attending the local CarePoint and began receiving critical resources, and was able to begin school! She is currently in kindergarten and is a hard worker. She was even awarded for her outstanding achievement in class! Her dreams for her future have changed, and now she wants to be a doctor. We believe that she can achieve this dream!

THANK YOU for helping me thus far. May God bless you!” Kalkidan


4. “Thank you” from a boy in Guatemala who feels safe at home and goes to a good school.

Omar’s* family suffered from intrafamily violence. Omar’s mother knew it was time to move and find a safer living situation for her children, but moving her family was a difficult task. Taking the brave step, three years ago they were able to move to a new city and Omar began attending the local CarePoint. Because he was able to receive critical support at the CarePoint, his mother was able to put resources toward their living situation to improve that aspect of their lives. They were renting a small house, but recently had the opportunity to move into their own home!

“I send you warm greetings. My name is Omar, and I’m 10 years old. I want to tell you THANK YOU for the support that you are sending for us. It means a lot for my family that you have decided to support our school and bless us with the daily snacks that we are receiving. During the holy week we moved to our new home, now we are going to help other families in the same way that we received support from others. My mom put her trust in God, and he answered our prayers. We are paying for the land, but now it is different because we are paying our own property as a family. I walk every day two kilometers to the school, but we are very happy now in our new home.” Omar


5. “Thank you” from a mother in Russia who is able to work toward a stable home for her children.


In Russia, orphaned youth must leave the orphanage when they turn 16. CarePoints in Russia meet these “graduates” at this time, when they are at their most vulnerable. Each CarePoint has social workers who advocate for the orphaned youth’s rights and opportunities. Asye is a mother who attends the CarePoint and learned valuable information for her family form the CarePoint social worker. The social worker led a class on assistance in apartment issues and registration, reissuance of lost documents on education, assistance in job search, help in applying for a place in a preschool center, assistance in housing search, and help in putting together documents for any court-related matters.

THANK YOU to Children’s HopeChest staff for assistance in solving many social issues. They have been beside me for the last five years, and I don’t know what I could have done without their help. I had a lot of problems which I would never solve myself. The biggest one was to get an apartment from the State. Five years ago it looked impossible, but today with the CarePoint staff’s help I put together all the necessary documents and was put on a waiting list. I believe that maybe in a year or two my four kids and I will move into our own apartment.” Asya


We are thrilled to share with you just a handful of the thousands of stories that you have transformed by partnering with Children’s HopeChest. We are so thankful for you!


*Name changed to protect child’s identity