Hope is Connection: Transforming Communities Through Relationships

Collaboratively written with Children's HopeChest Marketing Intern, Caleb Maxson

During our 2023 Year End Campaign, we celebrated the many facets of hope that light up vulnerable communities across the globe. We explored hope through Faith, Entrepreneurship, Education, and Healthcare. Now, as we step into 2024, we want to highlight one more facet of hope: Connection.

Shashamene CarePoint planting a tree with their partners from Trinity Lutheran Church

According to mental health expert Dr. John Delony, human connection is a deep bond that is formed between people when they feel seen and valued. During authentic human connection, people exchange positive energy with one another and build trust. Connection is the glue that forms Children’s HopeChest. It brings communities together, unites different perspectives, grows cultures, and, establishes a foundation for sustainable transformation. 

That’s why we approach community development and poverty alleviation through the Community-to-Community model. We connect communities in the U.S. to communities overseas with a high population of orphaned and impoverished children. We seek to bring lasting, positive transformation to those we serve, and in turn, our communities in North America are impacted as well!

The Beauty of Two-Way Impact

The beauty of the community-to-community model lies in its two-way impact. It creates a reciprocal relationship where both communities learn, grow, and contribute to each other’s development. This approach ensures that the impact is sustainable and deeply rooted in the cultural context of the communities involved.

Guided by local leadership, HopeChest partnerships prioritize the needs and aspirations of the communities we serve. We believe in empowering communities to drive their own development, with our role being that of a facilitator and supporter. By working alongside local leaders, we ensure that the solutions we implement are tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of each community.

This community-led approach ensures that we are not merely providing aid; we are building lasting relationships that foster self-reliance and resilience. The impact of connecting two communities goes beyond the immediate benefits. It creates a ripple effect, inspiring positive change in individuals, families, and the entire community!


An Empowering Partnership

Did you know that each community-to-community partnership through Children’s HopeChest begins with a well-thought out Community Development Plan and an Exit Plan? This sets the stage for self-sustainability and empowerment from the outset. Every Community Development Plan works toward a pivotal moment when financial support ends—a monumental celebration for the community! This marks not only financial independence but a testament to the strength, resilience, and self-sufficiency cultivated within the community, symbolizing a triumph of collective empowerment.


We are delighted to share the powerful perspective from one of our U.S. partners who recently visited their partner community, Nabukalu CarePoint, in Uganda:

“I love that the CarePoint isn’t there to provide short-term fixes to problems. We didn’t come on this partner visit to feed people for a day, or to help build a building that the community can build themselves. 

We WERE here to build relationships, to reconnect with old friends. The ‘mission’ started before we got here. It started years ago when this community had a dream and dedicated themselves to providing a different future for their children. This visit wasn’t the mission. It was a product of the mission, a way to show our commitment to our brothers and sisters in Christ who just so happen to live halfway around the world. We partner with them financially so that they’re able to access the education and resources they need to continue the hard work and provide for their families. But we also partner with them spiritually, in prayer and encouragement. The CarePoint isn’t there so we can build/teach/provide what we think they need. It’s there so we can join efforts to build a firm foundation that will continue long after all of us are gone.” — Austin Chambers

Feet washing during a partner visit at Obwobwo CarePoint

Long-term Sustainability

Austin beautifully captures the essence of the HopeChest approach, which is not about providing short-term solutions. It’s about building lasting relationships and supporting communities on their journey towards a better future. Austin explains that the mission is not a one-time event. The mission is a continuous commitment to walk alongside his brothers and sisters, recognizing that the seeds of change were planted long before his arrival.

In Austin’s words, the CarePoint isn’t just a place for external interventions—it’s a platform for collaborative efforts. As a partner, your financial support is a means for communities to access education and resources, empowering them to reach their full potential. However, the partnership goes beyond finances; it extends to the spiritual realm through prayer and encouragement!

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”
1 Thessalonians 5:11

This perspective reinforces the belief that our role is not to impose what we think communities need but to stand beside them as they build their own future. The CarePoint becomes a symbol of shared dreams and collective efforts, creating a firm foundation that outlasts individual visits or projects.

Your Partnership is the Difference.

Your partnership not only helps vulnerable children but also contributes to the growth and development of entire communities. Thank you for being a part of this journey towards sustainable and impactful change. If you feel led to help us foster more transformational partnerships, donate through the link below!