Tailoring Hope

“Children’s HopeChest exists to glorify God by releasing the potential of orphaned and vulnerable children and their communities through partnerships that cultivate holistic transformation and sustainability.”

That’s our mission, and “holistic transformation and sustainability” takes many different forms around the HopeChest world. At Bukedea CarePoint in Uganda, they’ve established a vocational training program focusing on tailoring, through funds raised from Change Their Story Campaign. This program serves students from both the CarePoint and within the community who are unable to continue their formal education for a variety of reasons. HopeChest Uganda hired a teacher, purchased machines, and provided the students with learning materials and assignments. The girls have worked incredibly hard the last few months learning techniques and creating traditional Ugandan wedding gowns, graduation gowns, and other clothing right there at the CarePoint!

Many of these teenage girls found themselves stuck in primary school, several grades behind their peers. This tailoring school has given them confidence and a marketable skill. As a part of the school, the CarePoint is now ready to graduate these young ladies and help walk them through small business training and launching their small businesses.

Ruth, a tailoring student, is one of nine children. She’s the third eldest and has many responsibilities helping to farm the family’s small plot of land. Her father passed away a few years ago leaving her mother to care for the children alone. Ruth’s mother tries to farm for other people, and gathers wood to help make ends meet. Ruth’s newfound skills will give the family another way to make money and purchase the food they cannot grow themselves.

Each tailoring school student has a similar story. They will be walking away with life skills and a chance to help themselves and their families thrive. We’re raising funds to give them each their own sewing machine, as well as a kit of start up materials. In order to help get them started with their new businesses, the HopeChest staff will rent a shop for three months where the girls can make and sell their clothing to turn a profit. Sponsors and other willing donors will empower the first group of Bukedea tailoring school graduates to do great things. They can have hope for a better tomorrow, created through hard work, your generosity, and blessings from the Father.

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