The Importance of Praying for Your Sponsor Child

Directing prayers and encouragement to one specific child is one of the many ways that you can care for your sponsor child! We were reminded of how powerful and impactful prayers are for the CarePoint children when we received a story about the Koshe dump landslide in Ethiopia.

On March 11, 2017, a devastating garbage dump accident took the lives of over 100 people in the Koshe dump near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Koshe dump is home to hundreds of people who build their homes around the landfill, making it easier for them to access valuable material that families gather and sell for income.  

Beza is a young man who lived in a small house built near the Koshe dump and participated in the Youth Development Program (YDP) through Children’s HopeChest. He lived in his house in the Koshe community with his single mother.

The night of March 11th, Beza left his house at the Koshe dump to watch a football game at his friend’s house. While he was away, a mountain of garbage slid down the side of the landfill, leveling many of the homes nearby, Beza’s included. Shouting and screaming quickly followed as those who lived near the dump tried to find their family and friends under the rubble. When Beza heard about the landslide he rushed to find his mother at their house, but their house was completely buried under the big pile of trash.

He looked around, not able to find his mother and not knowing what to do.

Miraculously, he heard his mother shouting for him. She had been at a friend’s house having coffee when the landslide occurred. They were able to find each other and stay together for the rest of the night.

Outreach in Koshe

This story is a reminder of the unexpected disasters that can occur in the lives of vulnerable children, and the hand of God that is great enough to protect them from tragedies. Praying for your sponsor child and the children who attend our CarePoints around the globe is an important and powerful way to love your sponsor child and the children we serve.  Yanenesh, the YDP Coordinator who sent Beza’s story to us, concluded with this message:

“Glory to God! God can do things which are beyond our imagination. I, the YDP Coordinator, wrote this short story passionately to let partners and staff of Children’s HopeChest know that not only the food, the clothes, or any other materials that we provide keeps our children and youth safe, but also our continuous prayers.

Our prayers for every child in each CarePoint is worthy enough to be heard before God. Our prayer protects the everyday lives of our children, the prayers of sponsors, donors, and the staff both at the U.S. office and here in country is so powerful to have stretched God’s protective hands over our children and youth. Beza’s story is a proof for God’s protection. Glory to God in the Highest.”

Outreach in Koshe

(In the aftermath of the landslide, the YDP leaders were able to visit the Koshe area and reach out to the community. The entire Addis Ababa office staff along with the YDP leaders attended the funerals of community members who had died in the landslide. The YDP and Addis staff provided encouragement, prayer, and relief efforts such as buying shoes, clothes, and other necessities for Beza and others who lost everything they owned.)


Thank you for committing to praying for your sponsored child and the children we serve throughout our CarePoints and Ministry Centers.

This week we received a strong prayer request for our friends in Swaziland. The children of Mahlabaneni are in the midst of a daily spiritual battle against witchcraft. In Swaziland culture, it is common for politicians to visit a witch-doctor in order to gain power and favor during an election. In doing so, the witch-doctor sacrifices parts of children in the rituals. Because there is an election in January 2018, our in-country staff are taking extra precautions to protect our children by limiting their time outside as well as their time away from home.

Please join us in praying for protection over our staff, and the children we love and serve.