of the country’s population
is under 14 years old.
0 %
(8.5M) of girls are married before
their 18th birthday.
0 %
adults are
living with HIV.
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We believe the next generation can experience hope through
transformational relationships.

Our Community-to-Community approach provides the following support to children in communities throughout Uganda:

Critical Resources for Survival

Children at HopeChest CarePoints receive nutritional support through frequent healthy meals. They also are provided basic medical care and occasional health screenings.

Vocational Skills Training

Youth, their caregivers, and community members have the opportunity to get involved in vocational skills training, which boosts confidence, employability, and opportunity for moving toward independence.

Grief and Trauma Counseling

Many of the children who come to our CarePoints have experienced grief and loss. UNbroken is the grief and trauma counseling program that helps children heal from their inner pain and move forward in life.

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About Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country located in East-Central Africa. Many children in Uganda have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, while malaria, dehydration, and respiratory infections are the main causes of death in children under 5. Our established CarePoints serve more than 2,500 children and youth. Programs that equip communities and families to move toward self-sustainable transformation include tailoring, poultry farming, microfinance, and agricultural farming, while additionally teaching valuable life skills.

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