Your Top 5 HopeChest Blogs from 2018

Together, we’ve had an incredible year. Three-hundred sixty-five days and 52 blogs later and we are ready to dive into a new year of sharing stories of hope and community transformation!

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But before we move on to another year, we’d love to share your top five HopeChest blogs from 2018.


A CarePoint First

Last Valentine’s Day we shared a love story about two people who got married at the end of their visit to their partner CarePoint in Holeta, Ethiopia.

Caleb and Caroline, the couple who got married, became so close to their friends in Holeta, that they couldn’t imagine having a marriage ceremony without them.

Learn more about their story and see darling photos of their sponsored children as their ring bearers and flower girls!



An Unforgettable Guest

Last June, Rachel, International Program Director, and Kendyl, Community Partnership Manager, visited HopeChest orphanages and Ministry Centers in Russia. On their itinerary was visiting Kovalyovo Orphanage in the Kostroma region.

As Rachel and Kendyl were sipping tea with the Kovalyovo staff, an anticipated guest came in to share his testimony and talk to the boys who live in the orphanage. That afternoon was an unforgettable experience for the boys who felt important, valued, and encouraged by their visitor.

Discover who their special guest was and what was so impactful about his life story!



The Power of Grief Counseling

Many of the children who attend our CarePoints have experienced heart wrenching loss and grief. The impact of this emotional pain can be debilitating and prevent some individuals from leading fulfilling and productive lives.

Learn about these life-changing programs and how they impact young lives in Uganda and Swaziland. Where there is great pain, there is also opportunity for great healing and redemption. We hope that you are encouraged by the remarkable work that our in-country staff is doing to help orphaned and vulnerable children live out their utmost potential.



The 12 Areas of Community Transformation: a new educational series!

In 2018, we launched a year-long series answering the question, “What makes you different from other leading child sponsorship organizations?”

Hop into the introduction of this series and how the 12 areas all work together to help create sustainability!



My Side of Community Transformation

When we talk about Community-to-Community partnership, we are describing a relationship that goes two ways. We often hear about the tangible and quantifiable impact on communities overseas, but what does it look like when our North American partners are impacted as well?

Jill Hune’s story is one tile in the mosaic of individuals who make up our North American communities. Read on to learn how individuals can have their lives turned around (in the best way possible) through a HopeChest partnership.


Thank you for being a part of these stories of hope. Without YOU these stories of transformation would not have been possible.

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