Line of people in Russia standing in the snow

Six Ways $25/Month Makes a Tangible Difference

Alliance of Hope is a community of driven and inspiring monthly givers who want to stand with the impoverished and vulnerable, providing hope and long-term transformation.

This isn’t your average monthly giving program. When you become an ally, you join a community of advocates who do something every month to help make the world a better and more equitable place for those living in poverty. 

Twenty-five dollars is less than the average American spends on coffee each month, and yet, this resource can make a true impact when applied to global transformation!

Over a year, $25/month can:

  1. provide medical kits for 8 families 
  2. purchase school supplies for 15 school-aged children
  3. supplement food bags for 21 families
  4. support two women in a tailor program each with a domestic sewing machine 
  5. provide Bibles and discipleship materials for 21 children
  6. empower two families with chicken projects (each family receiving 10 hens, one rooster, and one coop) 

HopeChest created Alliance of Hope for people who want to subscribe to good each month and make a lasting change in the lives of individuals living in extreme poverty. Set it on autopilot and watch the transformation grow!



For $25/month, will you stand with us too?