Kakira children smiling

Watch 12-Year-Old Anita Give a Tour of Her CarePoint in Uganda!

Each Children’s HopeChest CarePoint is uniquely different because the communities they serve are uniquely different. Today we are sharing a unique tour of Kakira CarePoint in Uganda!

Kakira CarePoint is located in the Jinja District in Uganda along the Northern shores of Lake Victoria, approximately 52 miles from Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. Being located along the shores of Lake Victoria, Kakira experiences favorable climate, and the soils are suitable for the growing of various crops.

Kakira sub-county is dominated by the sugar industry. Consequently, there are two distinct castes that compose Kakira. One includes the Kakira sugar estates – made up of economically sound families of the sugar company workers, and the rest of the community that is made up of impoverished and vulnerable families. Kakira CarePoint is partnered with Lifepoint Church. Through this partnership, the children who are living in poverty in this community have the opportunity to grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally.



Portrait of Anita in a circleMeet your tour guide, Anita! Anita is a 12-year-old girl living near Kakira CarePoint in Uganda. She lives with her mother who is a market vendor in town. Kakira CarePoint is supporting Anita in her ambition to become a doctor. She cares about helping her community and wants to make a difference! When she’s not studying or giving tours of her CarePoint, she likes playing dodgeball.

PS: Some of Anita’s friends at the CarePoint are still unsponsored! Will someone sign up to become a HopeChest Friend to a child at Kakira CarePoint today?