New Partnership Highlight | Antioch Church

On April 30th, Antioch Church in Colorado Springs launched their partnership with the Nsagweni 2  CarePoint in Swaziland. Since the launch in April, they have already achieved 68% child sponsorship! We have been inspired by Antioch’s engagement throughout all of the processes of their partnership.

During the CarePoint launch at Antioch, Pastor Jayde and Nate Kaunley, the VP of Community Partnerships at HopeChest, sat on stage and talked through the Community-to-Community model and purpose of partnerships. Antioch had photos of the children who attend the Nsagweni 2 CarePoint pinned to decorative crates around the room so that members of the congregation could choose children to sponsor.   

“The launch at Antioch Church for Nsagweni 2 was a powerful morning full of transformation! The leadership team at Antioch was incredibly engaged all the weeks leading up to the launch by asking questions, getting to know Children’s HopeChest staff, and understanding the long-term process in furthering a healthy partnership to make a Kingdom impact in the lives of the children of Nsagweni 2 and of those in their own congregation. Individuals in their congregation who felt it upon their hearts to take that first step in becoming a sponsor that morning have already begun engaging in letter writing! God opens doors in incredible ways, and I am exciting for all that He has planned.”

-Kendyl Berger | Community Partnership Manager, Swaziland


The Children’s HopeChest model is unique because it’s highly relational, strategic, and creates two-way transformation. Partnering two communities together is a blessing to witness and facilitate–it is the beginning of many new, deep relationships. This model of transformation provides more than symptomatic relief. It is a way to build up a community overseas through a holistic and sustainable approach. The two communities walk together to work towards seeing the community leaders’ vision for their people come to fruition.

The communities in North America are also transformed by the partnering communities overseas! Afterall, relationship goes two ways. We interviewed Pastor Jayde from Antioch Church to describe why he decided to partner with Children’s HopeChest and what his hopes and dreams are for his church through this experience.

Why did your church choose to start an orphan care ministry?

Our church is engaging with orphan care ministry because we see this as a tangible, practical, and universal way to express the love of Jesus that has the potential to significantly transform individuals, families, and communities.

Why did you choose to partner with HopeChest, and where have you seen transformation in your community because of its partnership with your CarePoint?

Antioch has been involved with orphan care ministry through short-term missions for the past thirteen years.  However, we resonated deeply with the strategic and personal nature of the Community-to-Community partnership model for long-term transformation. Participating in the Vision Trip was instrumental to our decision to partner with HopeChest. It was on the ground, directly interacting with staff and people, where we were able to see the integrity of service, excellence of ministry, and authentic love for people in action.

What are your hopes and dreams for your community? For your CarePoint?

Our prayer is that God would use our partnership in Swaziland to bring hope, build community, restore lives, and make opportunities possible. Our hope is to see our community grow in awareness, intentionality, and solidarity as we give and receive in genuine relationship.

We are so excited to witness the transformation that grows in each community through their partnership. To learn more about how communities flourish through HopeChest’s model, read our blog “Changed Communities- Ours and Theirs!”