More than a transaction, a partnership with a CarePoint
is transformational for everyone involved!

Through Community-to-Community partnerships, we do not seek to create temporary relief. Instead, we transform communities here and abroad by glorifying God, lifting up orphaned and vulnerable children, and effecting permanent, positive change.

What Does Community-to-Community Relationship Look Like?

Relational and hands-on

Both communities share a common vision for equipping vulnerable children, their families, and entire communities. As members of one community begin to build relationships with the other through letter writing and supporting a HopeChest Friend, funding a project, praying, or visiting a CarePoint, cross-cultural barriers are broken and strangers become friends!

Rooted in Christ

God created us for community–and it works! We are not built to go through life alone. Community means we watch out for each other; we care about, love, and provide for each other. Community is a two-way street.


Instead of simply sending money to a community, the HopeChest model is based on building long-term friendships with those who are caught in the cycle of poverty. The long-term friendships transform everyone involved.

Our model is successful because of people like YOU:

We partner with people who are passionate about breaking the cycle
of poverty and bringing hope and dignity to orphaned and vulnerable children.

Stories of Transformation

Experience two-way transformation for yourself.
Get your community involved with a CarePoint today.