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Build Relationships. Break Poverty. | Interview with Uganda’s Sponsorship and Communications Manager

Meeting Simon Okello is a breath of fresh air. He is loved by children at all of our Uganda CarePoints for his lightheartedness, compassion, advocacy, and many many jokes. He has been working with Children’s HopeChest for over seven years and is Uganda’s Sponsorship and Communications Manager. In this position Simon gets to know the most vulnerable children in Uganda’s CarePoint communities and manages the processes of children joining and exiting the sponsorship program. 

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Build Relationships. Break Poverty. | Interview with Grief and Trauma Counseling Trainer

In this month’s podcast episode, JoE Lombard, Grief and Trauma Counseling Trainer, explains the intentionality behind the grief counseling programs that he designed and how he equips HopeChest staff to dive into their own pain so they can better heal the pain of children in their community. JoE has spent at least 20 years emotionally supporting youth across various cultures, equipping adults to walk through grief counseling with vulnerable children, and delivering grief counseling training for HopeChest staff in Uganda and Eswatini.

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