HopeChest's Russia's Finance and Program Coordinator poses in Moscow

Build Relationships. Break Poverty. | Interview with Masha on 21 Years of Empowering Orphaned Youth in Russia

In 1996, the trajectory of Masha Bodrova’s life changed forever.

As a young girl, when other children were playing outside, Masha was practicing playing the piano for hours on end. Her pursuit of excellence and her remarkable talent led her to achieve a master’s and doctoral degree in concert piano. While traveling the world to play for audiences, the most unexpected audience ended up changing her life. One day, she played for her friend and HopeChest Country Director for Russia, Katya Celenina, at an orphanage. Her experience playing at the orphanage had a profound impact on her, and pushed her to make one of the biggest decisions of her life.


Masha at her piano


Masha now brings excellence to her job each day as HopeChest Russia’s Finance and Program Coordinator. This month’s podcast conversation is a special one! Masha and Rachel Andrews, HopeChest VP of Community Partnerships, met in 1998, and have built a remarkable friendship over the last 21 years. Today we are sharing their conversation about how Russian CarePoints are offering life-changing support for orphanage graduates, how HopeChest Russia’s staff are helping to shape foster care family support throughout Russia, and how Masha’s life was turned upside down by her calling from the Lord.

Rachel and Masha
Rachel and Masha in Russia


We would like to attract them to the CarePoint by our love, by providing them comprehensive programs, helping them to raise their self-esteem, helping them find a job,  helping them realize who they are. The biggest challenge for our staff and for me personally is to gain their trust, because we want to become meaningful people for them. With no trust, they will not accept our advice and values.” Masha Bodrova




Sitting in the interviewer’s seat is Rachel Andrews, who has been working with HopeChest for 20 years. As VP of International Operations, she travels frequently to our overseas offices and CarePoints around the globe for ongoing relationship building and program development.




Portrait of MashaMasha Bodrova is HopeChest Russia’s Finance and Program Coordinator. She has been working with HopeChest since 1998, which is shortly after she completely changed her career from a concert pianist to advocating for orphaned children and youth. She oversees CarePoint programs, which empower orphaned youth to move toward independent, successful lives. Masha is one of HopeChest Russia’s greatest resources.



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