healthcare worker in Ethiopia examining a child

Meet 4 Youth Who Want to Become Future Healthcare Workers

Children’s HopeChest is thankful for the nurses and doctors, and all other frontline workers who are tirelessly caring for others. Healthcare is an honorable profession, and today we are celebrating children and youth at Children’s HopeChest’s CarePoints who want to become doctors and nurses! We’re rooting for these youth’s big and achievable dreams!

Lazarus in his medical clinic
Nurse Lazarus in his medical clinic!

Lazarus successfully completed his medical training as a nurse in 2018 and started volunteering at Kaberamaido’s health center in Uganda until March of this year when the country was locked down due to COVID-19. He loved volunteering, and the health center applauded his hard work and commitment, but he did not feel like he was fully living up to his potential there and dreamed of opening his own clinic. To fund his dream, he began baking and selling bricks to save money, and this July he was able to begin investing in his clinic, stocking it three times per week. With his friend Stephen, who is a CarePoint youth in his final semester of nursing training, they began operating this clinic. This clinic is waiting to be officially registered with the local authorities, but because of the good relationship Lazarus built with the drug inspector, he was given the opportunity to start operating the clinic and register it later. The district drug inspector came and inspected his clinic and made a few recommendations. The CarePoint is planning to support the business of Lazarus and Stephen so it can become fully functional. “I am grateful for all the prayers, love and support given to me by our CarePoint family,” Lazarus says.


square photo of Mayibongwe
Mayibongwe, future doctor!

Mayibongwe, is a determined boy who attends the Ekudzeni CarePoint in Eswatini. His daily routine was waking up early and studying, then going to his local CarePoint to help the Shepherd (a mentor and leader at the CarePoint). This routine became stressful at times, but he persisted and his hard work paid off! He achieved the sixth position out of 52 students in his class. His dream is to become a doctor and help his mother, as she is raising him as a single parent. He is inspired by his mother’s hard work and wants to help people like her stay healthy for their families.


Liyuwork portrait
Liyuwork, future doctor!

Liyuwork is an 11-year-old girl who attends the Hosanna Emanuel CarePoint in Ethiopia. She lives with her mother and brother. Since joining the CarePoint, she has received educational support, such as school materials and nutritious meals to help fuel her studies. Now she is a top student in her primary school and last year she received an award from the school director for her great marks! Liyuwork says, “I study with a lot of passion so that I will become a medical doctor and treat my people.” At 11 years old, Liyuwork has found her passion and purpose, and we are excited to support her along the way!


portrait of Denis
Denis, future doctor!

Denis* is a teenager who grew up in an impoverished family and was surrounded by family members who struggled with addiction. He now lives with his grandmother, who has been a compassionate and hardworking caregiver for him. Denis had been involved with drugs and alcohol, but one day he came to the My Special Treasure Education Center CarePoint and his life changed. Now he is attending the church, working hard in school, and one of his dreams is to be a doctor to serve God and help the people in his community. “I am grateful for the support you are giving me, for I can continue my education. God bless you a lot, and I hope that we can meet personally when you visit us, because I have so much to thank you,” says Denis. We believe that every child deserves to explore their potential and we are inspired by Denis’ desire to care for those in his community as a future doctor.


Healthcare workers, we are thankful for you! And we are thankful for those who are supporting HopeChest programs that encourage the passions of children and support them in their education. We encourage you to take some time this week to pray over the dreams of these ambitious and brilliant youth who want to invest back into their communities by healing others.

*Name changed to protect individual’s identity