Portrait of Ken for podcast blog

A New Year’s Message from Children’s HopeChest’s President + CEO

2020 is behind us and we’re ready to charge full steam ahead into 2021! This week’s podcast episode is a unique reflection on 2020, and vision casting for 2021 from Children’s HopeChest CEO and President, Ken Sparks.

In this episode, hear about the victories from last year that are worth celebration. (For those of you who intentionally seek good news to balance out daily media, you’ll want to listen to this hopeful episode!) 

“During 2021, you will hear us talk more about the topic of ‘graduation.’ This is perhaps the most exciting topic of 2021. We view donor dependency as the root cause of failure for most poverty alleviation efforts, and it is something we desire to avoid…The concept of graduation has been established by a multi-country task force that has been working toward this over the last couple of years.”

Ken Sparks

Ken also shares some exciting things HopeChest is working on in 2021 — innovation that is possible because of generous supporters like you! Thank you for joining Children’s HopeChest in our mission to ignite hope for those who need it most. 




Ken Sparks joined Children’s HopeChest as CEO and President in 2014, after spending over 30 years in the corporate world. Although Ken’s “official” workspace is the hayloft of The Barn in Palmer Lake, Colorado, he works anywhere there is anyone willing to listen about what God is doing through HopeChest.