Portrait of Woman Smiling in Uganda

Three Stories that Have Been Transformed Through Leadership Development in Uganda

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world.” Margaret Mead

The Uganda Leadership and Development Program (UGLDP) is for youth in Uganda who are changing the world, one community at a time. 

Last March, Children’s HopeChest shared about this exciting program and its impact. The UGLDP equips Ugandans (ages 15-30) with extensive leadership skills that:

  • empower young people in the Teso sub-region
  • equip youth to lead  with skills that promote community transformation
  • promote development of entrepreneurs 
  • develop self-awareness, confidence, and personality strength

woman wearing a "true leaders walk the talk" shirt

This leadership training is life-changing, and creates a ripple of impact within Ugandan communities, which have been affected by over 20 years of insurgency and poverty. As Country Director of Uganda, Joseph, says, “This program is the future of Uganda.” 

This month, we are delighted to celebrate three UGLDP participants who were able to attend the program in 2020 (with appropriate COVID-19 measures taken, of course) because of generous donors like you! 

We hope you can see that when you invest in HopeChest programs, lives are transformed.


young leader in Uganda with hand in the air

“I am Brian. I am so grateful to God that I am part of UGLDP. It has been a huge success for me! I am now more aware of myself, and my values are stronger than before. This training has prepared me to become a good leader in my community and nation as well. Understanding the importance of good character, conflict resolution, goal setting, and discovering my assets are some of the topics I enjoyed. I am now a very confident person, and I am going to use the skills I learned to impact youth and also the community.

My mindset has changed for the better, the business and innovative skills I have got from the training are a lifelong achievement. The future is bright for me because I am going to work hard to be a good, successful example of a leader in my community.


young woman in Uganda posing

“I am Brenda from Ngariam community. I am a graduate with a bachelors of development studies.

The training has empowered me and taught me how to excel. Having looked for a job for a long time, I became discouraged. The training has taught me confidence, and  I am certain I can walk in for an interview and pass.

The training has also widened my knowledge on work ethics, how to make myself more valuable as an employee, maintaining a high level of excellence, integrity, and self-management. Being out of formal employment, this was new to me but I am sure any employer will be lucky to have me work with them. My perception on work and employment has changed. While in school, I was made to believe that passing exams was the only way to success, but the training opened my mind to many business opportunities. I have widened my thinking to take advantage of every opportunity that comes up. I am leaving this training motivated and ready to take on the world.

Thank you Children’s HopeChest and partners for the opportunity. God bless you all!”


young man in Uganda with his hand raised in victory

“I am Silver. I am from Oditel community. I have a bachelor’s degree in social work And social administration, but I am not yet employed. I count myself lucky to be part of this training, because the community I come from has many youth who are idle, with no jobs and no resources to manage life.

The training has widened my understanding on alternatives to unemployment. With this knowledge I am going to utilize local available resources in my community for development. We have a lot of land that is idle. I plan to embark on agricultural business to improve my life and also teach other youth how to get money out of agriculture. Through interactions with colleagues at the training, I have shared life experiences and this has helped me understand how to overcome stigma and discrimination. This training has been a turning point for me.”


When you empower a future leader, you empower a community. If you would like to invest in the UGLDP, you can read more about this impactful program, here