Celebrating 10,000 Sponsorships!

We are really excited to announce that Children’s HopeChest has just reached a major milestone in ministry! We now reach 10,000 orphaned and vulnerable children through sponsorships around the world… and that number continues to grow every week. With the recent partnerships of Faith Lutheran in Appleton, WI, University School in Colorado Springs, CO, and Christ Followers for Change in Kalamazoo, MI, Children’s HopeChest now partners with over 85 churches and groups nationally serving vulnerable children in seven countries with over 100 locations worldwide!

We truly believe in our model of transformation. As you know, HopeChest is much more than just a sponsorship organization. Yet, sponsorship is foundational to helping meet the immediate needs of children as we work to build Community-to-Community relationships that result in long-term self-sustainability.
When one community partners with another something magical happens along the way — both communities are transformed. Both are touched by God. Both learn something important about themselves and how God works through each individual to accomplish his will. And in the end, we all grow to be a bit more like Christ.


We sponsor because Ethiopia is truly a part of the fiber of our family. We are thrilled to be even more rooted in our son’s hometown through the Woliso CarePoint, and continue to be amazed by the transformation taking place there through Children’s HopeChest.” Kristen, HopeChest Sponsor


We have you to thank for our tremendous growth, not only in numbers of children sponsored, but in the transformation we are witnessing in their communities.


There are many more children waiting to be sponsored not only in existing CarePoints, but in the more than 200 potential CarePoints on our waiting list. We’re striving for 100% sponsorships in all our CarePoints as we expand into new regions and countries. Would you consider sponsoring another child? You are the key to breaking the cycle of poverty not only for your child, but for an entire community.

Thank you for joining us as we grow past this important milestone. Please pray about the possibility of sponsoring another child. Click here to explore an additional sponsorship.

Thank you again for your continued support of our mission at Children’s HopeChest.