Children’s HopeChest’s Newest Program Invites You to Become an Ally

When was the last time you felt a sense of strong, supportive community? 

How emboldened did you feel the last time someone told you, “I’m rooting for you and I have your back?”

Children’s HopeChest believes that relationships can change the world. 



We are delighted to announce Alliance of Hope, a new community of driven and inspiring monthly givers who want to stand with the impoverished and vulnerable, providing hope and long-term transformation to those who are experiencing extreme poverty around the globe. 

When you become an ally, you are contributing to good every single month. For a cost comparable to a subscription service, you are standing with our friends who face daily obstacles due to the systemic pressures of poverty.  



Children’s HopeChest’s expansion, innovative projects, and timely response to disaster are not possible without this community of generous individuals. 

What becomes possible with Alliance of Hope?

Projects like the Friendship Model, in which children choose their sponsors, required investment in new technology so our systems could be rewired to reverse the sponsorship process. Hundreds of work hours have also been poured into engaging virtual travel experiences during a season of limited international travel for our partners. Authentic connection is at the core of our mission, and we want to make each project even better.

How quickly we’re able to respond to a crisis like COVID-19  or during an environmental disaster like drought are also dependent on funds that are beyond sponsorship. Additionally, under-funded country-wide programs have the potential to change hundreds of lives, if they receive adequate resources.



We are looking forward to providing unique reporting for you on the impact your monthly gift will have around the world. When you become an ally, you receive deeper reporting and resources so you can feel directly connected to your impact. As an ally, you can expect video updates from partnered countries, invitations to virtual shareholder meetings with myself and other HopeChest leadership, and quarterly impact reports with uplifting stories and organizational news!

Let’s stand with our friends around the world and say, “I’m rooting for you and I have your back.”



When you become an ally, you equip Children’s HopeChest to explore new innovative ways to serve others with dignity and self-sustainability in mind. When you become an ally, you equip our international staff to provide the best care possible to children in their communities. 

Will you become an ally today?