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How Are Programs Implemented in Communities? Interview with HopeChest’s International Operations Director

Have you ever been curious about how programs are chosen for each CarePoint community? Or how programs that are implemented in Russia are different from programs implemented in Uganda? How involved are local leaders, really, in the process of development plans? 

In this month’s “Build Relationships. Break Poverty.” episode, podcast host, Wil Crooks, interviews Tesfa Tsegaye Abebe, Children’s HopeChest’s International Operations Director.


Portrait of Tesfa in Ethiopia


Tesfa has been working with HopeChest since 2010, when he became the Country Director of Ethiopia. At that time, Tesfa was the only HopeChest Ethiopia employee, quite literally starting from scratch. Under Tesfa’s leadership as Country Director, HopeChest Ethiopia grew to 32 CarePoints and programs that serve over 5,000 children.

The first thing is to understand how we can respond to the complex nature of poverty that we have in our countries. It’s not like, 1+1=2. It is very complicated. Understanding that is the first thing we should be doing. Which areas should be given priority? And how can we strategically address those?” Tesfa 

In 2018, he moved to Colorado to work at the headquarter office as International Operations Director. In this episode, Tesfa shares about how HopeChest develops programs and projects alongside in-country staff and how operations and projects are unique to each country and community we partner with.




Wil smiling in a circular photoAs Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Wil Crooks builds relationships with HopeChest partners and potential partners. Wil started out as a pastor partnering with HopeChest, and now he shares the same vision that he caught with other potential partners.



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Tesfa Tsegaye Abebe is International Operations Director for Ethiopia, Kenya, Russia, and Uganda. In addition to extensive hands-on experience, Tesfa earned his Bachelor of Business Management as well as two master’s degrees in business administration and business economics. He works directly with our in-country staff and oversees the in-country implementation and management of our programs at our CarePoints.



“Build Relationships. Break Poverty.” is a podcast that challenges the Western perception of international poverty by elevating the voices of local leaders and processing how we can help to alleviate poverty without harming those living in vulnerable communities.

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