Silver standing in a doorway to his workshop

Silver’s Story…Continued!

At Children’s HopeChest, we have shared Silver’s remarkable story over the years. Silver joined Bukedea CarePoint in Uganda in 2009. When he was 11, his father passed away, and he took up responsibility for providing for his eight younger siblings. Not even a teenager yet, this determined and motivated boy dreamed of a better life for himself and his siblings and sought chances to explore his potential. 

The opportunity presented itself once he was connected to his HopeChest Friend through the CarePoint! He was then able to begin exploring his God-given talents.

Silver in 2015 with the phone-watch he made

We shared Silver’s story after six years of CarePoint support, in 2015:

 “Silver had always been interested in electronics. He began by building his own radio. Then, he built his own cell phone watch. His determined spirit inspired him to start his own business repairing radios, televisions, watches, computers and phones. Several years later, he started Vision Media 106 FM. It’s the only radio station in the Burkea district, and Silver used this platform to share the gospel and preach about child advocacy.

Silver’s business did so well that he has saved enough money to buy a cow and better provide for his siblings. ‘I am empowered and encouraged by the support Children’s HopeChest has offered me,’ Silver said. ‘I am pursuing my future goals and have faith that I will be a great man.’”

Silver in his shop in 2019

Four years later, in 2019, Silver began investing in the lives of youth in his community. He used his skills in electronics to begin mentoring and teaching others. He trained youth who were interested in electronics to do minor repairs on phones, radios, laptops, and many other electronic devices. This new skill helped them earn an income for their basic needs and to contribute to their families. Silver has always had a heart for helping others and making a difference. 

By late 2020, Silver was married and had two children. Through his CarePoint’s support, he was able to set up his own electronic repair workshop and a business to provide for his family! He soon invested in a new motorcycle so he could get around easier and visit homes and businesses to do electrical work in the community. 

Silver and his motorcycle in 2020

He was also able to construct a one-room building for his wife, so she could start a tailoring workshop and work hard at her business as well! 

To expand his own business, he bought two mooring machines for his company, where he now employs at least three workers. Silver is aiming high to achieve his dream of being a great entrepreneur. 

One of his biggest ambitions is to extend help to the orphaned and vulnerable people in the Bukedea community who have experienced the same challenges he did as a child. 

Silver shared,  “ l have achieved all this, because of you. If you were not there to stand and support me, l could be nobody in this community. God bless you.”

True life transformation takes time and perseverance. Thank you for standing with young men like Silver who have vast potential and only need the opportunity to shine.