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Your Top 5 HopeChest Blogs of 2020!

We publish 52 stories of hope and transformation a year! That’s a lot of stories. In case you missed last year’s most popular blogs, we have compiled them all in one place for you. Please enjoy our curated list of top five HopeChest blogs of 2020!

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Three children in eswatini

A Biblical Picture of Poverty

What does it mean to be impoverished? Does redistribution of wealth work to solve poverty? Today, we invite you to expand your definition of poverty and look at it through a Biblical lens.

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Navigating Travel in the Time of Coronavirus

In 2019, 968 individuals traveled to visit their friends at HopeChest CarePoints. That’s a lot of dedicated people investing in building meaningful friendships! So, with cancelled travel this year, what has our Travel Team’s experience been like, and what do they have up their sleeve for the future?

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