Your Top 5 HopeChest Blogs of 2020!

Every Tuesday we publish a new blog post on our website. That’s 52 stories of hope and transformation each year!

We have hundreds of stories of transformation to share, and all of them are fueled by you, friends of Children’s HopeChest! It’s a great joy to  join with you in HopeChest’s mission of alleviating poverty. 

Before we dive into 2021, we want to pause and share the top five blogs of 2020. Pour yourself a warm beverage, get comfortable, and enjoy reading these stories of hope!



Five Recently Funded Projects That are Transforming Communities

Doesn’t it feel great to reach a goal? Our Children’s HopeChest partners work hard to fundraise toward projects that make a huge difference in their partnered CarePoint communities. Today we’re celebrating five projects around the world that were funded and made a transformational impact! It is exciting to share these amazing stories which illustrate the power of partnerships.



Four Stories that Illustrate the Impact of Discipleship

Did you know that at HopeChest CarePoints, one of the most impactful aspects of CarePoint programming are discipleship lessons? The hope that children have grow with each lesson as they learn they are loved by God and made in his image. Many of the children who attend HopeChest CarePoints have been through (or are going through) difficult circumstances. Developing a personal relationship with Jesus is igniting hope in children’s lives as they learn that they have a unique purpose for their lives despite their challenges, and that they never have to face life alone.



Moving Mountains: an interview with Hellen, leader of Mt. Elgone CarePoint in Kenya

There are people who carry so much of God’s love and justice, that you walk away from a conversation with them feeling profoundly spiritually encouraged. Hellen Makani, co-leader of Mt. Elgone CarePoint in Kenya, is one of these people. In this episode of “Build Relationships. Break Poverty.” hear a conversation between Hellen and Nate Kaunley (Vice President of Marketing and Donor Relations) about food insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic, and how nutritional support is helping the Mt. Elgone community survive this challenge. 



Receiving Sponsorship Support as a Child Empowered Me to Empower Others

“HopeChest Friends, do you sometimes doubt if your support is making a difference?” asks Atkelt Simon, Community Partnership Manager of Guatemala. Atkelt shares his personal story of receiving support as a child to working at Children’s HopeChest, where he now impacts thousands of children through his work. He reflects on the close friends who came alongside him when he was young and wrote him encouraging letters and supported him in his studies. Atkelt’s story is a powerful testimony of relationships that make an impact.


Three children in eswatini


A Biblical Picture of Poverty

What does it mean to be impoverished? Today, we invite you to expand your definition of poverty and look at it through a Biblical lens. In this educational, two-part blog series, Tom Jennings, who also wrote Children’s HopeChest’s “12 Areas of Transformation” blog series, shares a Biblical perspective of the origins of poverty. 


Thank you for being a part of these stories of hope. Without YOU these stories of transformation would not have been possible.