Three Days Left to Receive a $300 Tax Credit and Close the Year with Generosity

This year has connected people from around the globe in a historic season of unity. As the body of Christ, we can impact the local and global community by seeking to help those who are in need. Help Children’s HopeChest begin the new year with energy and momentum by giving a meaningful gift in these last few days of 2020.

Did you know your investment can help others and yourself? A benefit of the CARES Act is the additional tax deduction you can take on top of the standard deduction. According to the Tax Foundation, the CARES Act “Creates a $300 partial above-the-line charitable contribution for filers taking the standard deduction and expands the limit on charitable contributions for itemizers.”  In simple terms, when you donate to a charity (up to $300), you can take a deduction on top of what was currently permitted. This is a fantastic opportunity to give generously to help others while benefiting from a tax credit. (Tax exemption: 98-12173-0000)

What is the impact of $300? 

$300 could provide for emergency needs for five high-risk young mothers in Russia.

$300 could provide seeds, fertilizer, and tilling for 10 small home gardens in Ethiopia.

$300 could provide a goat for seven families living in Uganda.

$300 could provide a week of food staples for 10 families living in Eswatini.

$300 could provide medical kits for eight families in Guatemala.



Those who have the capacity to help during COVID-19 by using their resources for a charitable donation may consider protecting those around the world who are most vulnerable.

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There is still time to make an impact through a tax-deductible gift before 2021! As God continues to renew hope and restore dignity to vulnerable children and their families, we invite you to work alongside us. I ask that you prayerfully consider giving a meaningful gift, which will allow us to reach more children and maximize our impact.


Portrait of NateNate Kaunley, HopeChest’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, has been working at HopeChest for five years. In his role at HopeChest, he is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and monitoring the overall marketing and communications strategy of Children’s HopeChest. He also works to educate current and potential donors on unique ways to support the HopeChest mission.