Help Make an Impact for Years to Come

When you see the term, “planned giving,” what do you think of? Do you know what it means? Ever heard of it?

For most folks who don’t know what planned giving is, it can be understood as any major gift prepared during a person’s life, or at their death, as part of their complete financial and/or estate planning. Planned giving is the easiest way for a person to leave a lasting legacy.

So why are we talking about legacies, taxes, and planned giving on a HopeChest blog?

HopeChest is starting a new Planned Giving Program.


Children at Wera CarePoint in Uganda hold up vitamin-packed peanut butter, which is fighting malnutrition in their community, as well as employing youth who are making the peanut butter at the CarePoint! Our partners’ generosity is transforming communities through holistic, sustainable solutions.


As you work on your financial or estate planning, donations to organizations, like HopeChest, can help you avoid taxes and transform lives. Planned giving is important because it allows you to leave a legacy and avoid taxes. Not only does this giving vehicle help you, organizations like Children’s HopeChest also benefit in a significant way.


A couple questions to consider when getting started:

  • Have you planned your will or are you thinking about it?
  • Are in a position to roll over your IRA?
  • Do you have stocks that have matured, and you would like to avoid capital gains?
  • Do you have property you are not using, but have to pay taxes on annually?
  • Have you considered naming HopeChest as a beneficiary on an insurance policy?
  • Did you know you can transfer your required minimum distribution and avoid taxes?


“True to our model, the transformation is twofold, in your life and in the lives of all of people we engage with internationally.”


Planned giving is the tool you can use to change the lives of children around the world through HopeChest while also benefiting you and your family for years to come. There are numerous ways to be involved in changing lives that do not require cash donations.


What does HopeChest’s New Planned Giving Program mean for you?

  • A new full-time support person to help work with you
  • The creation of a new society of planned givers you can join, with exclusive member benefits like unique travel opportunities and appreciation banquets
  •  Quarterly webinars to educate the HopeChest family on important subjects like will planning, the stock swap, IRA rollovers, and how to maximize your tax breaks in 2019


In Guatemala we are seeing children who are receiving educational support at their CarePoints thriving in their studies. Thanks to generous HopeChest partners, lives are being transformed and children are reaching their vast potential!


Most importantly, the new Planned Giving Program at HopeChest will result in lives being transformed around the world. True to our model, the transformation is twofold, in your life and in the lives of all of people we engage with internationally.


So, are you interested?


Three quick steps to begin changing lives through planned giving:

  1.     Pray about being involved with planned giving and Children’s HopeChest
  2.     Contact Nate Kaunley, VP of Major Giving at HopeChest –
  3.     Work together with HopeChest to carry out your gift plan


Nate Kaunley, VP of Major Giving

People like you are becoming involved with planned giving because of the numerous benefits to all who are involved. If you have any questions or would like to be one of the first members to join a new society of planned givers, please do not hesitate to email Nate Kaunley today –