Four Ways That Sponsored Children Care About You

This Orphan Sunday, we want to ignite hope and dignity for 210 children who do not have sponsors. You may already know that sponsorship supports children living in poverty with nutritional, medical, educational and spiritual support. But do you know what means the most to the children who have sponsors?!


The opportunity they have to build a friendship with you.


Sponsoring a child means showing that child that they are valuable, lovable, and worth investing in. For some children who do not have parental support or are single or double orphans, this relationship can be a healing and encouraging experience. Discover four ways that sponsored children care about their sponsors, along with quotes from children around the world who love their sponsors!


1 ) They pray for you.

Hello brothers in Christ. May God bless you in all that you do. Thank you for this opportunity to learn a new language at the CarePoint. I am deeply grateful because I am learning a lot of things that will be useful in the future. I pray to my Lord that He blesses your life and your family’s life. God will multiply all this blessings that you are sharing with us.” – Gerber, 17 years old (Grace of God Academy CarePoint | Guatemala)


My name is Farouk, and I am currently in a boarding school. I am 17 years old.To my dear sponsor, I am so grateful because I had stopped studying due to lack of school fees. But when I got a sponsor, I was able to get back to school and my school fees are always paid in full and on time. In addition, when I joined the project, I made new, productive friends of my age. I would otherwise have joined peers that would have ruined my future. I was also engaged with heavy and hard manual labor like charcoal burning in search of school fees, which had also weakened my body. However, I am now a healthy-looking boy. To this I give glory and honor to God and pray for many blessings for my sponsor.” – Farouk, 17 years old  (Katuba CarePoint | Uganda)


2) They think of you often.

I can now speak English because of Children’s HopeChest. I will now be able to communicate with my sponsor!“- Judith, 14 years old (Nyada CarePoint | Uganda)

“Yes, the children received letters from their special friends in America and they are happy. The messages the friends write on the letters encourage the kids, showing them they are loved and prayed for. Hearing about their special friends’ families and job descriptions help the children to be positive about life and think how best they can improve their studies to be like their friends. One of the children said he wants to be a pilot like the father of his special friend.” – (Nsagweni 2 CarePoint | Swaziland)


I would like to thank my dear sponsor for the sacrifice that you have made towards my life. I will always remember you in my entire life. You have really changed my life, our family, and the community of Oditel.” – Grace, 18 years old (Oditel CarePoint | Uganda)


3) They want you to visit!


My dear sponsor, I love you so much. You always hold a very big and special place in my heart. I am in grade seven and working hard in school. I like soccer very much and play in position of striker and score beautiful goals on opposing teams. I am very much thankful of the team who have been visiting for the last five years. I am also looking forward to another team visiting this summer.” – Simon (Hitata Genet CarePoint | Ethiopia)

I am grateful for the support you are giving me, for I can continue my education. God bless you a lot, and I hope that we can meet personally when you visit us because I have so much to thank you. I hope to receive a letter from you because I am very grateful for you.” – Carlos, 18 years old (My Special Treasure Education Center CarePoint | Guatemala)

I am fond of reading poetry and dancing, and I would love to show my talents to the American Friends.” – Gennady (Kirov #1 Orphanage | Russia)


4) They are thankful you are in their lives.

Hi, dear sponsor. I am Celeste, and I am very happy to have the chance to say, “Hello!” I want to tell you how grateful with God I am, because he has taken care of me and he gave a very special family at the CarePoint. I feel loved, protected, and also blessed because of them and because of you as my sponsors. I love you so much, and I thank God for your life and love, and thank you for praying for me.” Celeste, 19 years old (Guatemala)

My name is Eyersalem, and I live in Addis Ababa. For me the CarePoint is a very important organization in my life. Its supports me to attend school by having enough materials equal to my friends. It is not only the support that makes me happy, the love that they give me has a great value for me more than everything.  Every Wednesday I come to learn, we learn about God, to play with my friends, and to attend the club meeting. I participated in Peace Club as well as in Drama Club. As a whole, I am very thankful for your love, care, and all the support you have done for me and my family. I love you!” – Eyersalem, 14 years old (I Care for the Nation CarePoint | Ethiopia)


For $45 per month ($1.50 per day), you are doing more than providing for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. When you sponsor a child, you build a relationship that shows that child they are valuable, worth loving, and worth investing in. Would you consider increasing your involvement to choosing to sponsor one of the 210 children we chose who are waiting for sponsors?