3 Stories of Transformation from 2022

At Children’s HopeChest, we are honored to see stories of transformation on a daily basis through our community reports. Whether it’s a child moving from survival to health, a child unlocking their potential by receiving educational support, or a child simply gaining dignity and confidence from who they are in Christ, it is a privilege to watch these stories take place. They wouldn’t be possible without your support and prayer!

We invite you this Christmas season to join us in spreading the hope that we have in Christ as you read these stories of transformation. We hope you feel empowered to unleash this same transformation in the lives of other vulnerable children and their families through a generous gift!


Starvation, dehydration, preventable diseases, and water contamination are unfortunately very normal forces that shape many children’s lives. Many children can only think of one singular problem — where to find food and water. No child should have to want for food or clean water. Your support allows us to bring these basics for survival to those who need it most. 

Your meaningful gift can impact the lives of children like Sarah and her sisters. The daily meals that Sarah and her siblings eat at their CarePoint help them because it is often the only nutritious meal they can consistently count on. The emotional support and mentorship that she gains at the CarePoint also helps her to keep a positive perspective, to keep moving forward, and to always try her best in school because of the plans that God has for her future.

When children like Sarah know that her siblings will eat consistent and nutritious meals, they can focus on their education or just being a child. Instead of working daily to survive, they can look toward their bright future.



Many of the children we serve are unable to attend school because they are the heads of their household, traveling to school is dangerous for them, or simply because their family cannot afford the school fees. Education is one key to breaking the cycle of poverty and gaining life-altering opportunities. Just $50 can provide a year of school fees and supplies for a child in primary school!

Your support empowers children like Santiago to explore their potential and gain access to educational and vocational training opportunities. Santiago joined Nuevo Reno CarePoint in Guatemala when he was just 7 years old.

Santiago’s family works in a recycling plant and no one in his family had access to an academic education. His mother decided to enroll Santiago and his younger brother in the CarePoint in hopes that they would have a better future. They are both a part of the tutoring program at the CarePoint.

Santiago is in 2nd grade, but he missed some crucial years of education and now struggles with learning how to read and write. The tutoring program has helped him tremendously over the past 10 months, and he has began to grow confidence and realize he is an intelligent child. He’s currently doing very well in school and his grades have improved! He has learned how to read and write, and although he still struggles here and there, he now has support from his CarePoint to guide and encourage him!

When children like Santiago receive educational support from a CarePoint, they not only have more opportunities to excel in school, but they also have access to consistent nutrition and mentors who pour encouragement into their lives.




Making a donation this Christmas can help young adults like Nikita find hope and receive medical treatment that may has been neglected! CarePoints in Russia provide numerous resources for orphanage graduates and young adults facing crisis situations. This year, older youth were provided treatment at Vladimir CarePoint Dental Clinic. In addition to providing dental care, the dentist speaks with the young people about the importance of dental hygiene, how to properly brush, good nutrition, and about healthy lifestyles overall.

Nikita, an orphanage graduate and 1st year student: “When I lived in an orphanage, I was very afraid of dentists. I didn’t go to the dentist even when my teeth hurt. In September, I graduated from the orphanage and came to study in Vladimir. Here at Vladimir CarePoint I met Valentina, the dentist. She began to ask me about my teeth and how I take care of them, showed me how to clean them properly. Only after getting to know her better and listening to other graduates whom she treated, I also decided to go to have my teeth checked. It turned out that I had cavities and pulpitis on many teeth. It took several visits to fix everything. I am very grateful to Valentina. My teeth do not hurt anymore. Thank God that there is such a good dentist at the CarePoint!”

David, another orphanage graduate and 1st year student: “Last winter I finally decided to visit the CarePoint dentist Valentina. I hesitated for a long time, because I was terribly afraid of dentists. It turned out that dentists are not as scary as I imagined. Valentina quickly and painlessly fixed one of my teeth. I am very grateful to her for her kindness and good work. She is the best dentist I have ever met! Thank you for making the dentist’s services available at the CarePoint.”

As God continues to renew hope and restore dignity to vulnerable children and their families, we invite you to work alongside us. 

This holiday season, transformation starts with you.