#GivingTuesday: How your radical generosity ignites radical transformation

Today is #GivingTuesday! Please join us in the global celebration of generosity. Giving Tuesday is an international generosity movement celebrated every year in November after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Children’s HopeChest is excited to be one of the many nonprofits celebrating this year! Our goal is to fundraise for our year-end campaign, which will go towards our mission of supporting and empowering individuals and communities all over the world. 2023 will be presenting its own set of challenges, and we need YOUR help to continue doing what we do!

We deeply appreciate our generous sponsors, donors, and partners and their commitment to help protect vulnerable children and their families. Below are four ways your generous Giving Tuesday gift ignites transformation in the lives of children and families across the globe.

1 ) Physical Transformation

Through the support of our community, Children’s HopeChest is able to provide children with access to basic medical care, including regular physicals to screen for larger health issues and medication for those who are HIV-positive. We are also work with communities to identify areas of critical need in terms of nutrition, water, sanitation, and hygiene.

A great example of Physical Transformation is the Vladimir CarePoint’s Dental Program in Russia. A dentist at Vladimir CarePoint provides dental care to older orphans on a weekly basis two times a week, six hours a day. The dentist repairs chipped and damaged teeth, fills cavities, and removes plaque. In addition to providing dental care, the dentist speaks with the youth about the importance of dental hygiene, how to properly brush, good nutrition, and about healthy lifestyle choices. Through the dental program, the their health will be improved, their confidence will be increased, and they will be productive in other areas of life! 

2) Educational Transformation

Education is one of the most powerful tools to fight poverty! Through your support, Children’s HopeChest equips children with the resources to pursue an education that may otherwise remain inaccessible. A shining example of educational transformation is providing start up tools to CarePoint youth in Uganda. 

As young men and women complete their vocational training, startup tools allow these students to fully graduate from the program equipped with the appropriate materials and funding to begin their own small businesses and careers. Project funds include tools for each vocation, startup capital, and a graduation ceremony to recognize the achievements of these individuals, which will be attended by all CarePoint children, staff, community representatives, and community leaders. 

The young lady pictured below is a recent CarePoint graduate who started her own tailoring business by taking advantage of the start-up tools from Ogoloi CarePoint.


3) Economic Transformation

Part of our mission at Children’s HopeChest is to lead individuals who are living in poverty to empowerment, not dependency. That’s why HopeChest provides individuals with resources like employment training, vocational skills, and income-generating activities, as well as community savings and co-ops.

A great example of economic transformation is the AMBI Chicken Coop Project. The objective of this project is to train family leaders, especially women, so they can start a business to improve their income. We not only want to launch a family-level business, we also want to create a co-op amongst all the participating families in order to maximize the business opportunities.

4) Relational Transformation

With your help, Children’s HopeChest is able to provide resources that equip parents to care for their children and empower individuals to navigate their own pain instead of projecting it onto others.

An example of this is Kostroma CarePoint’s Young Mothers Program in Russia. The Young Mothers Program provides support to orphaned, young single mothers in crisis situations. This program encourages them to keep and raise their children, to prevent abortion and repeated orphanhood, and to strengthen the emotional health of their family. This project impacts 10 young single mothers from Kostroma Region.

HopeChest Russia also has a mentorship program. The mentorship program in Russia has three branches of impact — Career Guidance and educational and cultural activities for older orphaned youth (60 beneficiaries in each CarePoint); Leadership Program (volunteer projects) led by active participants of CarePoint programs (20 beneficiaries in each CarePoint); and group meetings, discussions, and celebrations at the CarePoint (70 beneficiaries in each CarePoint). Relationships are key to breaking cycles of poverty.

Thank you for helping us create a cycle of hope and dignity that is replacing the cycle of poverty.

Please consider joining us in the global celebration of generosity for Giving Tuesday with a meaningful donation that continues the cycle of hope