AMBI Chicken Coop Project

Country: Guatemala

City/Town: Panimacoc in Tecpan, Chimaltenango

CarePoint: AMBI Tecpan

People Impacted: 20 families

Total Cost: $14,043.38

Estimated time to complete: 6 months

Areas of Transformation

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Economic Development

Project Description

HopeChest Guatemala is launching a new economic development initiative in AMBI Tecpan. The objective is to train family leaders, especially women, so they can start a business to improve their income. We not only want to launch a family-level business, we also want to create a co-op amongst all the participating families in order to maximize the business opportunities.

We believe it is important that each benefited family has part of making this project a possibility. Each family will have to provide the wood and the labor needed to build their own chicken coop.

Historical Background

AMBI Tecpan CarePoint is located in a little village called Panimacoc in Tecpan, Chimaltenango. This is a rural area where the majority of the population work in the fields. The area of Panimacoc is well known because businessmen bought large properties over the past years and now produce different vegetables and fruits. All these parcels are mainly cultivated by the people of Panimacoc.

Panimacoc is not exempt from cases of malnutrition or stunting. The main reason for this is the precarious economic situation of the parents at the community. Usually, children eat only once or twice a day at home, but the meals are not nutritious. Moreover, the lack of sanitation and health care compounds the problem.

Return on Investment Potential

From a holistic perspective, this project will be managed as an economic development initiative that will help identify entrepreneurship opportunities, build out the local talents and economy, and will foster a teamwork spirit.

Additional Impacts

Those who participate in this great project will be helped to improve their living conditions, economic status, and general worldview. This will have a direct impact on those around them who will see the positive outcomes.