Children age out of the orphanage system at age 16.

Life in an institution leaves many children completely unprepared to manage simple tasks of life.

Children whose parents are alive, but unable to properly care for them, are known as “social orphans.”

We believe the next generation can experience hope through transformational relationships.

In partnership with Nadezhda Fund, our Community-to-Community approach provides the following support to children in communities throughout Russia:

Life Skills Training

Youth at HopeChest CarePoints learn valuable life skills such as healthy cooking, managing emotions, how to create a simple budget, and how to spend
free time.

Mentorship Programs

In this program, a recent orphanage graduate is paired with someone who has been out of the orphanage for a long time and is ready to invest in someone younger than them with guidance, encouragement, and support.

Critical Support for
Young Mothers

Provides psychological, social, educational, and financial support to young, single mothers in crisis situations.

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About Russia

After the fall of the Soviet Union, a broken society left thousands of vulnerable children facing abandonment, abuse, and neglect. Because the government forces many children to leave institutions and orphanages by age 16, children are left with limited relationships, skills, and options. Through our partnership with Nadezhda Fund, we have seen children in orphanages grow up to create their own healthy families, know Christ, graduate from universities, become employees of Fund Nadezhda, and even win Special Olympic gold medals! We have seen the orphan stigma reduced, older youth empowered, and hope and dignity restored.

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