Ngariam Sheep Project

Country: Uganda

City/Town: Katakwi

CarePoint: Ngariam

People Impacted: 200

Total Cost: $11,571.86

Estimated time to complete: 1 year

Area of Transformation

Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

Project Description

The sheep project is a revolving project in which beneficiaries will each receive one sheep, the sheep will breed, and the first baby sheep will be returned to the CarePoint and given to the next round of beneficiaries. This project will improve the income and livelihood for the people of Ngariam and beneficiaries will become more financially independent.

Ngariam community member with cow

Historical Background

Ngariam is an area that has suffered cattle raiding which has prevented guardians and families from income-generating activities. Sheep rearing is a proven project that helps households become more independent. Sheep multiply at a fast rate, and their manure is used in local gardens. Sheep are easy to care for and can be kept by both children and elderly. This project will support the whole community by continuing to generate more sheep to help individuals beyond the CarePoint.

Return on Investment Potential

The sheep reproduce twice a year, so the return on investment is fast. Sheep can be sold or exchanged for cows or bulls for plowing agricultural fields.

Additional Impacts

With the added income from this project, households will be able to access better healthcare services, pay for education fees, as well as other quality of life benefits. This project offers a sense of belonging and social acceptance and gives the individuals ownership of something they can be proud of. This project also builds good rapport with government agencies in the region.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

Donors and volunteers have the opportunity to visit the CarePoint and see progress on the project.

Engagement Opportunities

For individuals or teams who have experience in raising sheep, their expertise is welcome.