Santo Domingo Chicken Coop Project

Country: Guatemala

City/Town: Taratena, Santo Domingo

CarePoint: Santo Domingo

People Impacted: 20 families

Total Cost: $14,034.38

Estimated time to complete: 6 months

Area of Transformation

Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

Economic Development

Project Description

This project empowers and dignifies the families of Santo Domingo CarePoint at Taracena, Santo Domingo. Twenty mothers will be provided with skills and tools necessary for raising chickens to help them generate additional income to support their families.

Historical Background

Taracena is a small village with a population of 1200 people (300 families). Jobs in the area are informal or seasonal and pay small wages that are not enough to provide stability to the economy of the families. Children often get sick from common illnesses, such as stomach issues or the flu, and illnesses resulting from mosquito bites, lack of hygiene at the home, and lack of access to clean water. This reality also affects the nutrition of the children and puts them in a vulnerable situation. The implementation of this project will help families earn additional income that will improve their livelihood and dignity.

Return on Investment Potential

This project will benefit vulnerable families by improving nutrition and health, increasing food security, and supporting families with additional income when they sell the chickens.

Additional Impacts

Beyond providing increased nutrition and income, the chicken coop project dignifies and empowers the women involved, allows them to become role models for other women in the community, and cultivates a spirit of teamwork and collaboration.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

Donors who have expertise in raising chickens, can participate in training the women and also can share their experiences. Travelers can visit the chicken coops.

Employee Engagement Opportunities

Donors will receive updates on the status of the project .