Okocho Goat Project

Country: Uganda

City/Town: Katakwi

CarePoint: Okocho

People Impacted: 80

Total Cost: $6,930.26

Estimated time to complete: 1 year

Area of Transformation

Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

Project Description

As a community that depends on livestock, the goat project supports guardians by increasing household income and growing an asset-base.

Historical Background

Okocho CarePoint has faced numerous challenges with extreme poverty and disease, largely caused by cattle raids, HIV/AIDS, and civil war with the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). One of the ways to improve community development is through livestock projects.

When well taken care of, goats have the potential to multiply quickly and even be exchanged for cattle, which are the most lucrative asset in the community.

The provision of seed goats will act as an asset for personal investment and emergency situations for the children and guardians at the CarePoint and will contribute to becoming self-reliant. After the multiplication of the seed goats, the guardians can either sell them to earn money for other basic needs or exchange the goats for a cow.

Return on Investment Potential

Goats have a high multiplication rate and are very resistant to diseases. They are easy to feed and house. This project is a one-time donation to purchase the seed goats.

Additional Impacts

The project promotes self-reliance, individual earning empowerment, and unity in the larger community.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

Donors are encouraged to visit the community to witness the goats project and its effects in-person.

Engagement Opportunities

Donors with skills in animal husbandry and raising goats are encouraged to educate the families receiving goats in this project.