Iglesia Belen Music Training Program

Country: Guatemala

City/Town: Guatemala

CarePoint: Iglesia Belen

People Impacted: 30

Total Cost: $1,773

Estimated time to complete: 1 year

Areas of Transformation

Arts & Recreation


Project Description

The project consists in the purchase of guitars, flutes, and study booklets to create music classes that will help the children of the Iglesia Belen CarePoint develop musical skills and abilities. Music classes will start once a week and will eventually increase so the children can have a safe space to develop their instrumental skills. At the same time this will help to reduce the risk for the children to get involved in drugs, gangs and other dangerous activity.

Historical Background

For several years one of the main goals has been to get the children off the streets and have them in a safe space where they can spend their time. This CarePoint community is located in a very old area from Guatemala City and is filled with drugs, gangs, delinquency, extorsions, human trafficking, and prostitution. Parents are out of their homes working almost all day, so the children tend to be outside until their parents return. They have a lot of spare time after school so these situations are a hazard for the youth of this neighborhood. For this reason, many children between 11 to 15 are recruited by the gangs and used to sell drugs for the drug cartels around the area.

Having a music training program will teach youth meaningful skills and ways to express themselves that will be educational and healthier than other ways they could be spending their time.

Additional Impacts

Practicing an instrument can be a powerful outlet for children’s emotions and creativity. Learning a new skill can also build the child’s self-esteem and confidence.

Engagement Opportunities

If donors have musical ability or interest, they could provide in-person or virtual lessons along with educational teaching resources for students to learn from.