Hitata Genet Copy Machine and Computers for Small Businesses

Country: Ethiopia

City/Town: Hawassa

CarePoint: Hitata Genet

People Impacted: 5 youth business owners from the CarePoint

Total Cost: $ 15,136.90

Estimated time to complete:  N/A

Area of Transformation

Communications & Technology

Project Description

Older youth who finish school want to participate in small business groups and would benefit from being able to access computers and copy machines. The project request is for the purchase of five computers and two copy machines.

Historical Background

Lack of access to good technology can be a limiting factor for older youth and community members who want to find jobs and achieve economic success. At most, many members of the community have access to smartphones. The community is desiring access to computers and copy machines, which can be used to manage businesses and learn IT, web design, or coding skills to lead to greater job opportunities.

Return on Investment Potential

The youth at the CarePoint who are supported to start a business with computers and copy machines will create their own businesses and have regular income. The community in the area will have access to use and benefit of information technology through this project.

Additional Impacts

In the community, there are newly opened technical and vocational schools and government offices that need the service of a copy machine, computer, and internet facilities. Because of this demand, the business will generate income in addition to benefiting the community by providing information technology access.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

Volunteers who are travelling to Ethiopia have an opportunity to visit the business, meet the youth engaged in the business, and see the impact of the project in their lives.

Engagement Opportunities

Donors who have knowledge and experience with computers, and information technology are encouraged and welcomed to share their expertise and support to the business owners.