Hosanna Emmanuel School Block

Country: Ethiopia

City/Town: Hosanna

CarePoint: Hosanna Emmanuel

People Impacted: 220 children each year

Total Cost: $70,000

Estimated time to complete: N/A

Areas of Transformation



Project Description

Public schools are a major asset of the community. The objective of the school block project is to provide increased access to education for children in the community.

Historical Background

Currently there is one public elementary school in the Hosanna Emmanuel CarePoint community where 40% of the children at the CarePoint attend. There are not enough classrooms in this elementary school for the children to properly attend school in their respective grade levels. This contributes to children dropping out of school at a higher rate. The school also admits a small number of children per year because it does not have the capacity for all of the children in the community. Many impoverished families live in this community and will greatly benefit from increased access to education.

Return on Investment Potential

Supporting the community through constructing more classrooms allows more children to enroll in the school, decreases the dropout rate, and improves the quality of education.

Additional Impacts

Quality education leads to more children with opportunities to attend universities and higher education, and ultimately creates leaders in their community. With more education they will be able to provide for themselves and their families.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

Volunteers, during their travel, can support the school and the students by facilitating discussions and by sharing encouragement and insight in order to improve their performance. Travelers can donate supporting books to the school during visits.