Start Up Tools / Graduation

Country: Uganda

City/Town: Various

CarePoint: Various

People Impacted: 12

Total Cost: $5,187.28

Estimated time to complete: 2 months

Area of Transformation


Project Description

As young men and women complete their vocational training, startup tools allow these students to fully graduate from the program equipped with the appropriate materials and funding to begin their own small businesses and careers. Project funds include tools for each vocation, startup capital, and a graduation ceremony to recognize the achievements of these individuals, which will be attended by all CarePoint children, staff, community representatives, and community leaders. Tools will be distributed to graduates during the ceremony.

Historical Background

Through CarePoints in Uganda, youth are able to receive vocational training in various skill sets. Not only do they acquire a trade through this training, but they are also equipped with skills to start their own business and be successful in their careers in the future. All youth undergo an intensive assessment by CarePoint staff to ensure that they are ready to be launched into the workforce, demonstrating proficiency in their trade and understanding of business practices.

Return on Investment Potential

The skills these CarePoint children have gained in the vocational training will allow them to be self-sufficient, providing for themselves and their families. The start-up tools and capital will pave a path for success for these young men and women. This final step in CarePoint support will launch the students into careers where they can support themselves and their families.

Additional Impacts

Based on this proposal, twelve students will graduate from a variety of vocational programs including tailoring, bricklaying and concrete practice, teaching, electrical engineering, and hairdressing. Additionally, the entire community is invited to a graduation ceremony that includes attendance from honored guests and a celebratory meal.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

Traveling to attend a graduation ceremony is an incredible opportunity to see the long-term impact your investment can have.