Russia Mentorship Program

Country: Russia

City/Town: Vladimir, Kostroma, Kirov

CarePoint: Vladimir, Kostroma, Kirov

People Impacted: 253

Total Cost: $13,068.75

Estimated time to complete: 10 months each region

Areas of Transformation

Family Development


Project Description

The mentorship program in Russia has three branches of impact — Career Guidance and educational and cultural activities for older orphaned youth (60 beneficiaries in each CarePoint); Leadership Program (volunteer projects) led by active participants of CarePoint programs (20 beneficiaries in each CarePoint); and group meetings, discussions, and celebrations at the CarePoint (70 beneficiaries in each CarePoint).

Historical Background

These activities have been part of Russia CarePoint programs for over 15 years. Over this time, Russia CarePoint staff have connected with local cultural venues, museums, theaters, and educational institutions. They have created arrangements with them to plan activities, book tickets for participants, and sometimes receive a discount for group outings.

The older orphaned youth who attend these events learn and develop as individuals. They gain a genuine interest in classical and jazz music, drama, art, and historical exhibitions. About 80% of the orphaned youth who participate in a cultural outing in this program continue to attend theater, philharmonic concerts, jazz concerts, art galleries, and museums with us, as well as on their own.

Through the Leadership Program (volunteer projects) we have become partners and friends with other NGOs, local churches, and institutions where help is needed (baby orphanage, social shelter, orphanage for mentally and physically handicapped people, etc.).

Facilitating group meetings and discussions, and celebrating holidays at the CarePoint as one big family is something we have been doing for over 20 years. The Program Coordinator, together with older orphans who volunteer their time, engage participants in all kinds of events, discussing vital issues and celebrating holidays like Easter and Christmas.

Return on Investment Potential

This program engages older orphaned youth in various events, discussing important issues and celebrating holidays like Easter and Christmas.

Additional Impacts

The program’s training helps educate older youth in various personal and family development areas.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

Volunteer/travel opportunities exist for leadership training professionals, vocational training professionals, and family development professionals/leaders to learn about programs and operations in a foreign context.