Enat CarePoint Shower and Latrine

Country: Ethiopia

City/Town: Awassa

CarePoint: Enat

People Impacted: Community of Enat CarePoint 

Total Cost: $32,348.6

Estimated time to complete: 1-3 years

Areas of Transformation

Health & Hygiene


Project Description

In the community of Enat CarePoint, there is a huge market, open everyday, that serves Hawassa and the surrounding cities. Although there is heavy foot traffic and it is densely populated, there are no toilet and shower facilities for people at and near the market to use. This project provides access to a toilet and shower, as well as creates job opportunities for guardians of children at the CarePoint. Additionally, it allows an opportunity to support the sanitation of the community and decreases the spreading of infectious disease in the area.

Historical Background

Many impoverished individuals who are lacking critical resources live in the Enat CarePoint community. With an average of seven family members per home, people must work extremely hard to afford their critical needs and sometimes live in unsanitary conditions. Children’s HopeChest’s support through child sponsorship and community development programming provided a water kiosk and water extension to supply potable water for the area. But there is still an opportunity to increase sanitation, infrastructure, and work opportunities in this community through the toilet and shower project.

Return on Investment Potential

There are three main returns on investment for this project. Jobs will be created for families who are managing the toilet and shower; the families will learn how to manage finance, budgeting, and saving; and individuals in the market and community will have access to hygiene facilities so that their health and living environment will be positively affected.

Additional Impacts

The open market in Hawassa is visited by at least 30,000 people coming from neighboring areas. Mostly, people are coming to the market with their farm products. After completing their business, they can take a bath for a cheap price at the toilet and shower project before they return. Secondly, as there are no options for personal cleaning in the market and other public areas. The municipality can learn from this project and may consider constructing some more toilet and shower projects in other open marketplaces. These will positively impact the health and the beauty of the city.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

Donors have the opportunity to visit the project any time they are in Hawassa. Hygiene-related training can be facilitated for beneficiaries managing the project and the community receiving the service. The Ethiopia country office and the CarePoint can also communicate updates and engage partners on the ongoing activities of the project.