Kombolcha CHDA Toilet and Shower

Country: Ethiopia

City/Town: Kombolcha

CarePoint: Kombolcha Children’s Home Development Association

People Impacted: 100

Total Cost: $35,997

Estimated time to complete: N/A

Areas of Transformation

Health & Hygiene


Project Description

Construction of a latrine and shower would support the CarePoint’s efforts to help improve hygiene and reduce disease. The toilet would be constructed with eight rooms, in which six seats will be toilets and two rooms for showers. It will include three toilets for men and three toilets for women, along with a one shower for each.

Historical Background

Kombolcha CHDA is a CarePoint located in northern Ethiopia in the Kombolcha Grace Church compound, which has offices and allows HopeChest to use the compound for programming. There are no sanitary latrines within the compound where children attend programs on a weekly basis. Constructing a toilet would help CarePoint staff to better educate children and provide a much-needed resource for the sanitation and hygiene of the children.

Return on Investment Potential

The toilet and shower project directly impacts the children at the CarePoint. As they grow up, they request to take showers, but at this age have no place to do so. This project will greatly support their hygiene needs.

Additional Impacts

The toilet and shower project also helps the sanitation of the church congregation who attend on Sunday and other meeting days. Children who are not able to shower at their home can schedule a time to use the CarePoint shower.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

Potential volunteer travel opportunities could be for U.S. WASH professionals and government officials to learn about and share knowledge about the process of working with HopeChest Ethiopia staff and local government officials, and support the implementation of WASH programs in Ethiopia.