Colegio Israel Cooking Classroom Project

Country: Guatemala

City/Town: Tecpan Chimaltenango

CarePoint: Colegio Israel

People Impacted: 120

Total Cost: $6,686

Estimated time to complete: 2-3 months

Areas of Transformation


Economic Development

Project Description

Colegio Israel has the vision to train students from 7th to 9th grade in different vocational skills linked to their natural abilities or family businesses. The cooking training class needs investment in equipment, furniture, and a trainer. Equipping a specific cooking area at the school facilities will make the food preparation and distribution processes easier. The project will be successful when the children start the cooking training as part of their curriculum for 2021, developing a new vocational skill. Around 120 children will be impacted, allowing them to be trained at the school building.

Historical Background

Tecpan City is one of the biggest cities in Chimaltenango. It is well known for its archaeological richness and food culture. The main economic activity in Tecpan is agriculture (75%), second are businesses and services (20%), and only 5% are industries. Indicators show 70.9% of the people live in general poverty and 18.55% in extreme poverty. Most of these people work in agriculture; however, the wages from agriculture are low. Most agricultural workers earn Q50.00, or $7.00 USD per day. Working in a business or as a service provider would allow them to earn from 50% to 100% more income per day. Restaurants, hotels, and tourism are the best resources for financial income for families. However, many of the young working population cannot ask for a job at these industries because of their low education, lack of vocational training or experience in cooking and customer service. Forcing them to work in informal jobs and earn low salaries. Colegio Israel is a private school, located in Tecpan, Chimaltenango. Their programs have been growing over the past five years. Around 400 children have access to medical care, tutoring, and counselling, and more than 120 students have scholarships. Now, 120 students have vocational training on carpentry, agriculture, baking, and financial management, so the young people who graduate from the school can have access to better job opportunities in the community.

Additional Impacts

This project will support the school’s vision by developing the fourth vocational training program. By adding basic equipment and tools, and providing cooking material, the school will be able to train the students on basic cooking skills, such as:

  • Food management and cooking hygiene
  • How to use the equipment (management, maintenance, and cleaning)
  • Preparation of different menus, with local or traditional recipes
  • Cost and finances
  • Cooking

Engagement Opportunities

Donors who have interest and abilities in cooking can provide cooking resources or provide virtual cooking lessons once they learn about cultural dishes and available food in the area.