Will You Join Us for a Life-Changing Trip?

Experience the HopeChest/Greater Calling Model in Action

Join us Jan 19-30, 2023 for our Vision Trip in Uganda!

Don’t wait! This exclusive trip is limited to 10 registered travelers.

Whether or not you are already involved with Children’s HopeChest or Greater Calling, 2024 is the perfect year for you to encounter the transformational impact of our model in action. 

You have a unique opportunity to join an exclusive and intimate trip guided by Sally Townsend, Board Chair Emeritus and Ambassador, and Ken Sparks, President and CEO of Children’s HopeChest & Greater Calling. Prepare to gain an “insider” understanding of the groundbreaking strategies that that are transforming communities from poverty to holistic self-sustainability.

In the captivating backdrop of Uganda, you’ll have the chance to intimately connect with the dedicated local staff, directly immerse yourself in community interactions, and bear witness to  remarkable transformation. As an added bonus, your adventure will culminate in a thrilling  African Safari in the Murchison Falls area.

Trip Details

  • What: Uganda Vision Trip
  • Where: CarePoints in Uganda
  • When: January 19-30
  • Who: Limited to the first 10 registered travelers
  • Cost: Cost: $2,950* per person + your choice of international airfare purchased by individual travelers ($2,950*  in-country expenses for food, in-country transportation, lodging, safari, Murchison Falls, and rhino trek)

*Expenses are an estimate, and final price may change as trip details are finalized.

Questions: If you have any questions, please send us an email at childrenshopechest@hopechest.org

Children’s HopeChest is pioneering sustainable development projects through our CarePoint model that we believe is the future for nonprofit engagement. We are thrilled to be on the frontlines of this effort to empower local communities with the tools, infrastructure, and resources they need to break the cycle of poverty and build a better future. Rather than just hearing about the work, YOU will get to be on the ground and meet the people who are actively involved in transforming their communities with your help.

Encounter Communities Being Transformed

During your visit, you’ll get to see several community projects including:

  • Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) that help people experiencing poverty build financial stability
  • Agricultural and animal husbandry projects that help families break the cycle of poverty
  • Income-generating activities and small businesses
  • CarePoint operations and their holistic impact in the community
  • Leadership Training for students of the Uganda Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Program (UG-LEDP)

Depart U.S. on January 19
Depart Uganda on January 29,  Arrive U.S. on January 30

Travelers will purchase their own airline tickets with US departure routing through and connecting with the Vision Trip team in Salt Lake City (SLC). Airline travel details and confirmed reservation numbers need to be shared with CHC Travel Manager.

Travelers should purchase the following flight itinerary at the class of service they desire. The airline carrier is Delta Airlines.

Depart SLC on January 19 Delta 547 (DL547 SLC 9:45am – JFK 4:18pm, DL9357 JFK 5:50pm – AMS 6:50am, DL9318 AMS 9:55am – EBB 10:40pm)

Depart EBB on January 29 Delta 9318 (DL9318 EBB 11:45pm – AMS 6:35am, DL57 AMS 9:15am – SLC 12:00pm)

Trip payments made to Children’s HopeChest will cover your lodging, food, in-country transportation, safari, Murchison Falls, and rhino trek.

*Please note: This trip is limited to 10 registered travelers.*

Experience the Beauty of Africa!

This trip will also provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on some excursions near Murchison Falls National Park, including an African Safari and rhino trek. These activities will take place on Saturday, January 27 through Monday, January 29. 

Discover the stunning beauty of Africa firsthand near the banks of the Nile River. In addition, savor local cultural meals, purchase handmade crafts from local artisans, and experience the warmth of Ugandan hospitality. Don’t miss this chance of a lifetime to see God’s creation like never before

Register Now!

Total Cost = $2,950* per person + airfare of your choice
$2,950* ground expenses* + airfare to be purchased by traveler**

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due November 15, 2023.
Final payment for remaining ground costs is due December 29, 2023.

*Ground expenses include lodging, food, in-country transportation, safari, Murchison Falls, and rhino trek. Expenses are an estimate, and final price may change as trip details are finalized.
**Class of service to be determined and paid for by traveler. ***This trip is limited to 10 registered travelers.

Questions about the trip?

We’re so excited you’re considering coming with us! We’d love to hop on the phone or connect via email to discuss any aspect of the trip. Send us an email at childrenshopechest@hopechest.org and we’ll be in touch shortly!