Jeffrey and Anna Wertheim

HopeChest and Greater Calling Ambassadors

Advocating for Leadership Development Programs

We both just recently returned from a HopeChest trip to Ethiopia and Uganda. During our time in Africa, we met countless individuals who grew up with nothing and were told that they had no value and no future, but are now living out their God-given purpose and changing the future of their communities. What was the catalyst for change? Children’s HopeChest. A highlight of our trip was meeting individuals and leaders who have graduated from leadership programs. We look forward to sharing more with you soon. In the meantime, please consider giving a gift to support the Leadership Development Programs that we witnessed during our recent trip.

Why? Why are we asking you to join our campaign to support HopeChest’s Leadership Development Programs in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Guatemala?

We heard.
We went.
We saw.
We came back changed.
We joined the effort to support great work being done.
We want you to join us.

Everyone loves playing with and discipling little children on mission trips, but God has given us a special burden for the older ones growing up in poverty and brokenness. He’s given us a passion for empowering young adults to become catalysts for positive change. We traveled to Ethiopia and Uganda in 2022 and 2023 and saw great work being done there through Children’s HopeChest to raise up new generations of young leaders committed to transforming their own communities to the glory of God. We experienced the positive energy and transformational power that is released when young adults are discipled, equipped, and supported. In the midst of poverty and brokenness, we saw hope and faith come alive. We saw first-hand that the hope for the world lies in the local church and, now, we’re passionate about developing local leadership and sending out new workers for the harvest in their own communities.

Our goals are to:

    • Tell our story. By sharing what we’ve seen and experienced, we’re raising awareness and financial support for Children’s HopeChest and its Leadership Development Programs worldwide.
    • Raise $10,000 each year toward general funds to help support Leadership Development Programs in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. These programs can’t happen without financial support.  Your generosity directly impacts lives and provides the catalyst for change in communities worldwide.
    • Bring people on trips to experience the impact of their support. We’re asking you to travel with us to see Leadership Development Programs in action. Travel opportunities are available each year, usually in early summer and late fall to Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Uganda.

Join an upcoming Vision Trip so you can see and experience the power of the innovative HopeChest model. These trips are not only breathtaking, but will give you hope as your worldview is altered in wonderful ways! There are several upcoming travel opportunities and multiple trips that will feature Leadership Development Programs.

HopeChest starts community transformation by caring for impoverished and vulnerable children through community-to-community partnerships which establish CarePoints to initially deliver care to children and then springboard into Community Development efforts. But not all Community Development efforts can be funded through our standard child friendship model, and as the children age, their needs change. That’s where Greater Calling (a DBA of Children’s HopeChest) steps in to meet development opportunities with a variety of special focus programs. Programs like Emotional Health and Wellness, Business and Vocational Training and Funding, and Youth Leadership Development.

As an example, Greater Calling’s Leadership Development Programs offer young adults (ages 15-30) the opportunity to grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally while their home communities also experience positive transformation. These programs seek to equip youth as emerging leaders with biblical principles, life skills and entrepreneurial resources that promote sustainable community transformation, stewardship, and active community leadership. The programs are designed and facilitated by in-country indigenous staff to serve and train young people and community leaders from across areas where HopeChest and Greater Calling works.

We’re asking you to join us by making a gift to HopeChest toward global leadership programs. In exchange, you’ll receive frequent updates about the Leadership Development Programs and opportunities to serve and travel. HopeChest needs our gifts to change lives and empower communities.  Let’s do this together.

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About Jeffrey and Anna Wertheim: Jeffrey and Anna live in Birmingham, Alabama and are active members at the Riverchase Campus of the Church of the Highlands. They’ve been married for 38 years and have two grown children (Emily and Ross) in Nashville, TN. Jeffrey is an attorney and Anna is a pharmacist. They serve in several leadership roles both at work and in their church. Jeffrey is currently the Board Secretary for Children’s HopeChest. Jeffrey and Anna’s family has travelled with HopeChest many times to Eswatini, and now to Ethiopia and Uganda.