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This area is characterized by quarrying activity as one of the main sources of income for community members, in addition to agriculture. With no public school in the village, many children walk for five kilometers to reach school but due to hunger, domestic violence, and an inability to afford scholastic materials, many children drop out of school and work at the quarry to earn money. Children’s HopeChest will be partnering with a church that has been in the Katine area for over 30 years which regularly conducts outreaches in the community.

With the partnership of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, the children at Ochuloi CarePoint have the opportunity to grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally while the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church community also experiences positive transformation!

The HopeChest Team Supporting Ochuloi

Joseph Elotu
Country Director

Michelle Smith
Community Partnership Manager

Stephanie Knea
HopeChest Partnership Leader

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Empowering a child is one of the most personal ways that you can make an impact on global poverty. It is more than providing for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. When you sponsor a child, you build a relationship that shows that child they are valuable, worth loving, and worth investing in.

Your sponsorship is the starting point of a journey that equips vulnerable children, their families, and their communities to create sustainable transformation. When you sponsor a child with HopeChest, you are not just supporting one child — you are helping transform entire communities.

Story of Impact from Uganda

Annet, a Selfless Single-Mother of 6 Is a Blessing to Nabukalu CarePoint

Simon Okello / May 9, 2020

In preparation of celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow, we’d like to share the story of Annet, a selfless, single-mother of six. ⁠ ⁠ Learn how Annet fed children at Nabukalu CarePoint for a month with her own resources, how her daughter’s mysterious illness led her to embrace God, how she has succeeded in her work in agriculture, and how she is a valuable resource to the Nabukalu community!⁠

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