Involve Your Church

Transform a community overseas while also transforming your church community

How can you make a global impact in a struggling community?

By getting your church community involved! Holistic transformation in the world’s most vulnerable communities occurs when one community partners with another. Children’s HopeChest is here to make the connection.

When you partner with us to help a community overseas, members of your congregation will experience:

Ready to get started?

Book a call with us, so we can hear what your church is passionate about. That way, we can determine which CarePoints may be a good fit. 

We will take members of your church on a Vision Trip to visit CarePoints, so you can find the right one for your congregation. 

After you pick a CarePoint, we will create a development plan in partnership with your church and local leaders at your selected CarePoint. 

With a development plan in place, your congregation will start building relationships through prayer, letter writing, financial support, and partner visits! 


See your CarePoint community move from basic survival to thriving to succeeding and becoming self-sustaining.

What Others Are Saying

Hear what this senior pastor loved about partnering with Children’s HopeChest.

“In my 25 years of serving congregations and ministry, I have been looking for an organization such as Children’s HopeChest.”

—Dan Schepmann, Senior Pastor, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

HopeChest is a beautiful bridge that connects the hearts and resources of our community to the lives and needs of the children and families at the CarePoint. The foundation of every HopeChest mission is relationship. Through these relationships, God is working miracles not only in the communities we serve, but also in the hearts of partners.

—Dan Thews
Lead Pastor, Faith Lutheran Church and HopeChest partner in Guatemala