Provide crucial support for Children’s HopeChest during the coronavirus pandemic and receive a tax break. ​

How can I help Children’s HopeChest prevent the spread of COVID-19 and provide relief for impoverished communities?

Stand with Children’s HopeChest by equipping us to respond quickly and proactively to COVID-19’s impact on the vulnerable communities we partner with. By giving a gift where it is needed most, you empower HopeChest to provide support to local needs and our CarePoints overseas that are bracing for potential impact.  Your generous donation will provide critical resources to help keep children and their families healthy.


Help protect vulnerable children
Receive a tax break

The U.S. government has created several recent measures to help generous people like you continue their good work.  A provision in the federal coronavirus relief bill incentivizes charitable giving. When you give in 2020, you can receive an above-the-line deduction for up to $300. This provision is great news! Even if you utilize the standard deduction, the CARES Act allows you to receive an additional deduction of up to $300 when you donate to a nonprofit. Children’s HopeChest is asking for a $300 donation for critical support during this historic, uncertain time.

Fighting the novel coronavirus is uniting the world.
Children’s HopeChest is fighting with you.

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How is Children’s HopeChest helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in impoverished communities?

HopeChest’s number one priority is the health and wellbeing of CarePoint children, in-country staff, parents, guardians, and communities.

  • Implementation of enhanced detailed hygiene procedures and COVID-19 awareness-trainings at CarePoints.
  • Increasing distance between CarePoint staff members in offices where they are still working in-person
  • Proactive operational plans and procedures for the CarePoints, including minimizing gathering sizes, food and soap distribution, and keeping communication open between CarePoint staff and those we serve.
  • Awareness of news of the virus from reputable news sources. Country Directors are on “full alert” to news about COVID-19 as it pertains to their country.

Below are country updates which share the precautions currently taken by the countries we serve, and how CarePoints are responding in their communities. Bookmark this page and check-in for the latest updates.

So far none of the children at our Eswatini CarePoints have tested positive. Eswatini has closed its schools and issued a partial lockdown. CarePoints are temporarily closed, but CarePoint staff and shepherds have connected with children’s families to teach about preventing the spread of coronavirus, emergency food and soap have been provided for the most vulnerable families.

So far none of the children at our Ethiopia CarePoints have tested positive. Ethiopia’s government is working hard on awareness training to prevent the spread of coronavirus, public transportation is closed, universities are closed, all civil workers must work from home, and most businesses have halted. CarePoints have temporarily closed as well, however CarePoints have implemented training on preventing the spread of coronavirus and have distributed supplementary food and hygiene materials.

So far none of the children at our Guatemala CarePoints have tested positive. Guatemala has closed its borders, issued a curfew, schools are closed until April 30th, people 60+ are not allowed outside their homes, and the President declared that masks are required outside the home. Ninety-five percent of all of our CarePoints are still doing special programs (food and toiletries distribution, providing tutoring via Whatsapp, etc.) to keep supporting their communities. Masks are also being made at Pueblo Modelo CarePoint and distributed to CarePoint communities in need of cloth masks.

So far none of the children at our Kenya CarePoint have tested positive. The CarePoint has distributed food to 339 families to help support them during the pandemic.

So far none of the children at our Moldova CarePoints have tested positive. Moldova has closed its schools and businesses and the country is in quarantine. Beginning of Life has closed its programs and operations.

So far none of the children at our Russia CarePoints or orphanages have tested positive. Russia has closed its borders, orphanages are closed to visitors, and schools are closed. Russia staff have conducted hygiene training to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, staff delivered food to those who cannot leave their home, staff are making phone calls to check in with and counsel CarePoint participants. Some CarePoint programs are using Zoom to connect online and continue programming.

So far none of the children at our Uganda CarePoints have tested positive. Uganda is on lockdown and all public transportation and Boda boda (motorbikes) are suspended, CarePoint operations have been temporarily closed and HopeChest Uganda is working with the local government to spread awareness information. CarePoint staff are also distributing liquid soap, which was made at Ogoloi CarePoint, for families and fuel for ambulances and emergency vehicles, as well as working with the local task force to spread awareness and support CarePoint communities.

The CARES Act allows your donation to protect vulnerable children, while also qualifying you for an additional charitable deduction of up to $300.

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