Make a Difference in
Emotional Health and Wellness
Around the World

Children’s HopeChest equips leaders in developing countries with emotional health and wellness training designed to help those that are suffering from the effects of poverty, grief, or trauma.

Mental Health is a Human Issue…
no matter where you live on the map

Many of the orphaned and vulnerable children living in the countries in which Children’s HopeChest works are often exposed to traumatic circumstances which can cause them lifelong challenges. Death, war, forced labor, sexual exploitation, and lack of hope are common realities.

When children in developing countries experience mental health challenges, they often have to cope with them on their own. There is often no system of care in these countries or even the paradigm for understanding the human responses to the trauma experienced. 

Trained and compassionate responses involve a broad understanding of traumatic stress reactions. Hope and healing begins with knowing that there are people who understand. HopeChest can help you reach out far enough to make that monumental difference in the health and wellness of our communities. We equip community staff and leadership around the world through detailed training so they’re able to offer culturally appropriate responses, tailored specifically for each culture or region where the children reside.

Where We Work

The map below shows where we currently operate. With your help, we could provide more training and broader coverage, ultimately helping more children and families!

Restore Hope Around the World

“Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.”

―Bessel A. van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

HopeChest’s culturally sensitive training program…

  • Addresses topic areas that are particularly valuable for impoverished communities
  • Studies common grief or traumatic responses
  • Provides a pathway for safe conversations and appropriate healing methods
  • Addresses both child and guardian emotional health and wellness issues
  • Enhances a sense of dignity among the children and the community
  • Emphasizes child protection and rights

Hear From Others

“We have learned so much for ourselves in this process of developing the curriculum. It was difficult to see how the final product will be because for a long time we worked on translations. But now I have seen the material. I’m so thankful that I was a part of writing this.”

– Susan, Uganda

“They planted some seeds in my head that have grown up now. I understand how they helped me develop the strength and toughness I will use in my journey. We need to learn to be stronger than our circumstances.”

– Pasha, Russia

“Years ago I just heard the word orphan and I wanted to help them. I wanted to feed them and give them things. I had pity on them, but that was not what they needed. I realized I really needed to hear them and listen to them and help them become better adults. So, I leaned in to learn more.”

-Tatyana, Country Therapist, Russia

3 Steps to Impacting Global Mental Health

Become a partner.
Register to join the global health movement.

Engage your stakeholders.
Share your mission on social media through impact reports, media kit and how the very act of a client showing up for an appointment gives life across the globe.

Travel to encourage community caregivers.
Meet local leadership, learn about the communities and promote healthy growth and development.

With your partnership you will gain:

  • Connection with professionals around the globe
  • Opportunities for travel to equip community leaders overseas
  • An expanded worldview with interventions that are transforming communities and setting people free
  • Access to an exchange of expertise with global social workers and psychologists
  • Inspirational stories giving hope to those that need it most (including you and me)

See this Program in Action

Become a Partner


One-time One-time
  • Make a one-time investment to improve Emotional Health and Wellness around the world.


$50/month Monthly
  • $50/month funds 7 seats at a CarePoint training event


$100/month Monthly
  • $100/month funds
    14 individual 1-hour counseling sessions per month


$250/month Monthly
  • $250/month supports
    11 staff members' training over the course of the year


$500/month Monthly
  • $500/month funds
    17% of country-specific training material

We will be reporting on the number of staff trainings or emotional health and wellness events for beneficiaries. Although we won’t be able to report on specifics of how donations are utilized (ex: pay for the salary of one social worker), we will report on the impact of those donations through statistics, stories, pictures, and quotes.