Ethiopia Emergency Response

Help us provide crucial support for those impacted by the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia

Since November 2020, there has been an on-going conflict between the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), a former politically powerful group, and the new democratically elected Ethiopian Government, led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. This conflict had been primarily contained to the northern part of Ethiopia. At the end of October 2021, the TPLF expanded the conflict by advancing on other towns and cities in the north and continued to move south. Two of our HopeChest CarePoints located in the city of Kombolcha have been directly impacted.

As of early December 2021, the Ethiopian government has successfully removed TPLF forces from Kombolcha, and the city is now back under its protection.

The HopeChest Response

With war and conflict impacting the country, it takes significant efforts to rebuild and restore people’s livelihoods. As an organization, we will be responding to this current crisis but also desire to be equipped to respond in the future. Effects of ethnic conflict, drought, pandemics and other contributors to poverty are ongoing realities in the areas God has called us to work in Ethiopia. Flexibility to respond quickly, with appropriate resources, where it is needed most is critical.

Emergency funds will be used towards the following interventions for this current crisis.

  • Immediate Food Support to our beneficiaries and surrounding community members
  • Household items and repair of damaged homesteads
  • Ongoing Grief and Trauma Support across many of our CarePoints as the impact of the conflict has created a highly destabilized environment across Ethiopia which is compounded by the impact of Covid-19
  • Recapitalizing small businesses that may have been lost for parents and guardians of children in our program and for those involved in Self-Help Savings Groups. This will help get them back on the path towards self-sufficiency. 

Please donate to our Emergency Fund for Ethiopia. Your gift will deeply impact those most affected and will be instrumental in restoring Hope to those who need it most.