Addis Ketema Grain Mill

Addis Ketema ET Ethiopia woman selling food and grains

Addis Ketema sub-city is one of the eight sub-cities in Hawassa, the capital of the Sidama region, with an estimated population of the Daka is 15,350 people. Most of the population belongs to a very low economic group that depends on petty trade, selling local drinks, and daily labor. Life is full of challenges and the community is experiencing various problems like permanent income sources, shortage of water, housing problems, and health-related problems.

The Addis Ketema Grain Mill project is intended to empower women through the construction of a grains store, access women to sell various grains such as cereals (maize, wheat, millet, rice, etc.), pulses (beans, peas, cowpeas, etc.), and oil seeds (soybeans, sunflower, linseed, etc.). The grain mill will increase the income of families in the community by offering job opportunities.