Burayu CarePoint
Family Economic Empowerment Project


Burayu CarePoint is one of the CarePoints, under direct implement by Children’s HopeChest partnering with Sue Dood Connect Community. It has been serving variable children and their community through the sponsorship program. Currently, the CarePoint supports 161 children and more than 1,364 families, and is planning to expand its intervention program. Burayu CarePoint has been providing support and care to vulnerable children and families in the area for several years; however, many families are still struggling, lacking the resources and skills necessary to start their own businesses. This project seeks to build on the success of previous programs and provide families with the tools they need to become self-sufficient and financially stable.

The Family Economic Empowerment Project aims to provide vulnerable families in Burayu CarePoint with the necessary resources and skills to start and sustain their own income-generating activities (IGAs). The project will be implemented over a period of time and will include training sessions, seed money, and ongoing support for families to develop and expand their businesses. The project will be managed by a team of experienced staff members who will work closely with the families to ensure the success of the project. The purpose of the Family Economic Empowerment Project is to encourage families of the children to participate in IGAs,  through Self-Help Savings Groups. This project will employ different activities ranging from capacity building and availability of loan for motivations, and it will also provide encouragement to the families who are involved in the initiative.